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Seven Key Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Are you thinking about installing polished concrete flooring in your home? Even though these floors were only used in garages, basements, and patios a decade ago, they have become an attractive residential solution in recent years.

In order for concrete to acquire protective coating, it’s subjected to a three-phase process of grinding, honing, and polishing. These floors are available in a vast assortment of finishes, hues, and textures. Besides being durable, polished concrete is a budget-friendly, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly alternative. It’s non-slippery, hypo-allergenic, and easy to clean.

Learn more about the benefits of having such a floor installed in your home.

Remarkable longevity

Polished concrete floors have become surprisingly popular owing to their remarkable longevity. Unlike other types of flooring, this variant is capable of lasting for decades in homes and facilities regardless of the traffic. It takes little maintenance for this solution to stand the test of time.

While wooden floors are susceptible to dampness and other forms of damage, polished concrete has proven to be highly resistant to deterioration. Having these floors re-polished every couple of years improves their longevity even further. Consequently, you won’t have to replace the flooring every decade, which proves to be a cost-effective solution.

A variety of colors and designs

Another benefit of installing a polished concrete floor in your home is the opportunity to choose from numerous colors and styles. Polished concrete companies, such as Niche Polished Concrete, provide full aggregate, salt and pepper, and cream finishes. People in love with a minimalistic design prefer colorless flooring, while those fond of coziness can choose this kind of floor in any color and texture they want.

In addition, floors with a matte finish are the best as far as light absorption is concerned. These are perfect for homeowners looking to emphasize the natural color of their concrete flooring. The low gloss finish alternative provides virtually the same benefits as the matte finish, only the former doesn’t absorb all the light but reflects a portion of it.

Furthermore, high sheen finish floors provide the best light reflection, which makes them one of the most desired solutions. Those looking for the highest sheen can choose polished concrete flooring with a high-gloss finish, almost identical to glass.

As far as color is concerned, individuals are offered a vast range of dyes, ranging from light tones to dark hues. Some of the most preferred dyes among clients are mahogany, maroon, walnut, chocolate brown, chestnut, pine green, forest green, turquoise, midnight black, caramel, sand, gold, grey, etc.

An environmentally friendly alternative

Polished concrete floors are the right alternative for everyone trying to find an eco-friendly flooring solution. The low number of materials used in their production is what makes them the best eco-friendly option. Apart from stain-resistant products and hardeners, no other harmful materials are added to concrete.

Moreover, almost every type of floor releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which harm the environment and health of family members. These are infamous for causing throat, eye, and nose irritation after a person is exposed to their effects for a longer time. Nevertheless, polished concrete floors emit no VOCs, hence having no harmful effects. Visit the following link,, to learn more about the regulation and health risks of indoor VOCs.

Low maintenance

Another reason why homeowners love polished concrete floors is their low-maintenance character. This flooring solution requires less cleaning and maintenance, as the material doesn’t hold on to allergens and dust like wood and other types of flooring. Regular mopping is more than enough to maintain its shine, along with occasional scrubbing of the surface.

Additionally, such floors are incredibly hard to damage even when dragging furniture across the surface, walking on them with high heels, or dropping a heavy item. These are also undamaged by stains and spills.

In view of maintenance, the shiny appearance is best maintained with regular waxing, practiced either once or several times annually. For example, such flooring installed in commercial buildings requires waxing every three months, whereas that in residential properties is supposed to be waxed every nine months. Waxing is highly efficient in maintaining the protective coating of the surface, making it less susceptible to cracking.

A budget-friendly solution

Polished concrete floors are known for their budget-friendly cost in comparison with the rest of the alternatives. Even if their price seems more expensive than other flooring types, keep in mind that these are cost-effective in the long-term.

There’s no need for installers to use subfloors in the course of installation, as concrete serves as a base. Additionally, you won’t have to pay a lot of money for maintenance, repair, and replacement. You’ll even pay lower energy bills due to the reduced need for lighting. As previously mentioned, this flooring is highly efficient regarding light reflection, thus providing natural lighting.

Cleaner air

Another benefit of installing such flooring is the hypoallergenic character, which promotes clean air. This material bears no dirt, dust, pet dander, and other allergens known for inducing allergies in household members.

More importantly, this flooring solution prevents mold growth, which is a common problem in residential properties. Unlike wood, carpets, and rugs, this material impedes mold from growing regardless of moisture presence. Bear in mind that mold is even worse than allergies, as it causes more serious ailments.

No slip and fall accidents

Slippery floors are a nightmare for individuals, as the consequences of slip and fall accidents might be severe. Even though polished concrete flooring looks slippery, it’s actually completely slip-resistant. Hence, it’s a popular solution for kitchens, bathrooms, patios, garages, and poolside areas.

Furthermore, there’s no risk of slipping when the weather outside is rainy or snowy. You can enter the house without having any fear of falling and breaking a limb.

Final word

If looking for long-lasting flooring, polished concrete is the right solution.

It not only looks appealing but it’s slip-resistant, environmentally friendly, and affordable as well.

There is no need for replacement or repair for decades!


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