5 Tips to Rid Your Condo of Carpet Beetles

As much as 84% of all homeowners have encountered a pest problem in the last year. For condo owners, it’s often not their fault that a pest invites themselves inside. The close proximity to their neighbors increases their likelihood of an infestation.

A carpet beetle isn’t exactly a household name, like the termite. Carpet beetles are an extremely big nuisance, too. You don’t need carpeting to witness their destruction.

Use these five tips to avoid ever crossing paths with this pest infestation.

1. Know Thy Enemy

These beetles leave their marks in the form of black dots and exoskeletal remains. They tend to congregate in the corners of rooms, furniture, and under carpeting. Carpet beetles can live behind the walls, in attics, in inside boxes, too.

If you see the holes and fecal pellets, they’re not far away. If you have light carpeting, look closely, as the larva can blend in.

2. Start Vacuuming

You’ll want to start vacuuming any spots where you think the beetles are hiding. This will stir them up, but also thin out their numbers so that you can lay down a defense later. You can opt for a deep carpet cleaning now, too. 

Invest in a handheld steamer to make sure nothing survives in the cracks and crevices. Do a quick sweep over dressers and under furniture periodically to stop them from regrouping.

3. Clean the Linens

Pick up all the linens in the house and start methodically washing all of them. Carpet beetles will scramble for a new place to hide and feed when you’re vacuuming. They won’t normally travel far outside their territory, but you will force them to move.

Washing your linens on a daily basis is the best way to protect them from possible hitchhikers.

4. Lay Down the Boric Acid

After you’ve finished cleaning everything, it’s time to prevent their recovery. Boric acid is a safe, non-toxic powder that destroys insect exoskeletons. It’s so effective on carpet beetles that some homeowners are able to stop all future infestations from it alone. 

Also, boric acid doubles as a nice laundry booster.

5. Use Treatments for Carpet Beetles

You may not always win the battle against these pests off of boric acid and cleaning. It’s also not always realistic to expect condo owners to have the time to wage this battle alone. That’s why there are carpet treatments that the pros use, like, NewCaneyFullScopePest, to help turn the tides.

Carpet treatment products are a little expensive and do require a sprayer to work effectively.

Call the Professionals

If the above five tips on exterminating carpet beetles fail, it’s not your fault. Carpet beetles are persistent and can hide behind walls. For condo owners, they’re like roaches, resilient and tough to push out. 

Save yourself the time and money waging this battle alone by calling experienced professionals. They can do the job faster and limit any future damage done to your condo. Foot the bill now and save money in the long run.