1800 Club Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
1800 Club Miami
1800 N Bayshore Drive, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33132
For sale:48Beds:1 - 3
For lease:30$/SF:$16
Price range: $300,000 - $1,290,000
Baltus House Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Baltus House Miami
4300 Biscayne Boulevard, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:0Beds:Studio-3
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: N/A
Bay House Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Bay House Miami
600 NE 27 Street, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:48Beds:2-3
For lease:12$/SF:$76
Price range: $674,900 - $1,200,000
Biscayne Beach. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Biscayne Beach
701 NE 29th Street, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:0Beds:1-4
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: N/A
Blue Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Blue Miami
601 36, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:0Beds:1 & 2
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: N/A
Cite on the Bay. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Cite on the Bay
2000 N Bayshore Dr & 2001 Biscayne Blvd, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:48Beds:1 - 3
For lease:25$/SF:$13
Price range: $219,900 - $600,000
Crimson Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Crimson Miami
520 Northeast 27th Street, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:0Beds:1-3
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: N/A
Icon Bay. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Icon Bay
460 NE 28th Street, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:106Beds:1, 2, 3 & 4
For lease:55$/SF:$47
Price range: $493,000 - $1,899,000
Paraiso Bay Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Paraiso Bay Miami
600 Northeast 31 Street, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:5Beds:2,3 & 4
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: $1,451,900 - $3,552,900
Paramount Bay. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Paramount Bay
2020 North Bayshore Drive, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:65Beds:1 - 3
For lease:37$/SF:$31
Price range: $624,000 - $6,500,000
Parc Lofts Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Parc Lofts Miami
1749 N Miami Ave, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33136
For sale:0Beds:Lofts
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: N/A
Platinum Condo Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Platinum Condo Miami
480 30th Street , Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:0Beds:1-3
For lease:0$/SF:N/A
Price range: N/A
Quantum on the Bay Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Quantum on the Bay Miami
1900 N Bayshore Dr, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33132
For sale:126Beds:1-3
For lease:73$/SF:$11
Price range: $220,000 - $1,050,000
Star Lofts Miami. Condominiums for sale in Edgewater & Wynwood
Star Lofts Miami
700 NE 25th Street, Edgewater & Wynwood, 33137
For sale:10Beds:1, 2 & 3
For lease:3$/SF:$37
Price range: $220,000 - $2,900,026

About Edgewater & Wynwood

Edgewater real estate has continued to shine, growing by leaps and bounds. And equally as impressive has been the transition of Wynwood condos from an afterthought into the exclusive and highly desirable homes for the hipsters and forward thinkers of Miami. It doesn't get better than the elegant designs and options available to all prospective buyers. With each passing day, these communities have gathered momentum as art and design lovers from around the world have made these neighborhoods highly sought after. The annual Art Basel event, in particular, has exponentially increased interest in the available Wynwood condos for sale. This event happens every year in December and brings the world's elite into the area to appreciate and buy some of the best art exhibitions on planet Earth. Through the years the area has gentrified and become a hot spot for trendy eateries and bars for those that love to walk and enjoy art as they stroll through the neighborhood. Weekends in Wynwood are never dull. They are action packed and full of excitement pulling in visitors from all around the world. The Wynwood Walls, in particular, are gorgeous walls of art that are a must photograph for any Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat account. On a typical night out, fashion models, celebrities, and all around cool people are seen everywhere.

As a result of this beacon of attraction, the nearby Edgewater Miami condos have undergone a tremendous transition. Their unique waterfront location has made them the talk of the town, with land in the area trading at record prices as developers have aggressively built gorgeous condominium towers. These buildings are top-of-the-line with incredible architecture and the very best amenities available. As the new modern condominium towers have sprung up, so has accompanying retail and dining options that line the Biscayne Blvd. With the Wynwood condos for sale, there is an attraction to being in the center of the action. It's not just about being able to enjoy art. The dining and entertaining options in the area are now comparable to South Beach, if not better. Many property owners in the area state there isn't a better residential area on the market right now because the ethos is charming and vibrant. There is no better way of living than getting one of these high-grade Wynwood or Edgewater condos. They're beautiful and a delight for all residents. They are certainly a solid investment for the future as the market continues to grow in demand with each passing day. For all of Miami, this is one of the finest neighborhoods and has earned praise both domestically and internationally for its hospitality and walkability index. In fact, the waterfront of the Edgewater neighborhood is exceptional offering some of the best views in South Florida. It will mesmerize those who are looking for incredible views and an indoor/outdoor lifestyle which features large terraces for most buildings. Discover your dream home today. A bright future awaits you!

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