We are Sky Five Properties,
Florida’s premiere commercial and residential
real estate firm obsessed with being the perfect
partner for expanding your real estate empire.

Sky Five Properties is an innovative, forward-thinking real estate brokerage firm impacting the most glamorous and highly sought-after communities of South Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Our sales professionals provide a full range of consulting services that are unmatched in today’s marketplace. With our headquarters located within the epicenter of art, fashion and design on South Beach, we understand how to live the good life. We are here to help you create the lifestyle of your dreams.

Our team is relentlessly driven to bring individuals and families to the properties that give them rich experiences and a profound sense of joy. We pride ourselves as the leaders of transactions. Speed, intelligence, and experience direct our actions toward highly efficient closings. Our highly sophisticated real estate strategies and resources provide the power to make virtually any type of acquisition or disposition possible.

Real Estate is our passion; it’s what we call work,
but it’s also a source of incredible pleasure.

The Story Behind the Sky Five Name:

In this complex and competitive world, differentiation is now more important than ever before.
A logical curiosity naturally draws you into wondering – what is behind the name Sky Five Properties?

For our company, forging an identity that exemplified our standards was of paramount importance. We started with
our view of the sky. It’s a source of incredible beauty – it’s always in motion – and looking up to it is a source of faith and inspiration. The sky is symbolic of all that we ascribe to be via sky-high ambition and desire.

Five is representative of our five core values: beauty, self-expression, sharing, discipline and enduring relationships.
Together, our core values form the five principles by which we live, work and play. These are grounded principles to balance and drive our sky-high goals and aspirations.

We hold firmly to a few core values

We value

because it provides an instant sensation of positivity and joy. We strive to enhance everything that we see into its optimal display of beauty.

We value

because we are stronger, smarter, kinder and more effective when we freely share the best experiences, solutions and unique privileges with each other.

We value

because we believe in fighting the good fight. The best opportunities often require extraordinary amounts of planning and focus to get the job done.

We value

because connections over time produce well-being, support and spontaneous business opportunities that are stepping stones to deep wealth creation.

We value

because life is short and we all deserve to impact the world in our own unique way. Real estate is an incredible avenue to create the perfect statement of taste and style.