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10 Driveway Design Ideas That Will Make You Excited to Arrive Home

Last year US homeowners spent nearly 400 billion US dollars on home renovation projects. If you’re looking to add value to your home, consider renovating your driveway into a beautiful and functional design.

How do you design a driveway and what materials will you need? Designing a new driveway is a great opportunity to get creative and add character to your home. You can make it visually enjoyable for your guests or practical for your home’s drivers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new materials and layouts. Today’s homeowners are adding unique twists to their driveways for extra curbside appeal. You can opt for environmentally-friendly options or a classic and timeless design. Read on to discover ten driveway design ideas that you’re sure to love.

How to Design a Driveway

Driveway renovations are one of the most planned home improvement projects for today’s homeowners. You might have a cracked driveway that needs repairs or want to refresh the curb appeal of your home. Whatever the reason for giving your driveway a makeover, there are factors you need to consider before starting on your project.

Consider the Layout

Homes with large front lawns offer more room for renovated driveways, but any driveway can be made into a stunning design. As you design your remodeled drive, you need to figure out how you want your car to get from the street to the garage.

You’ll also need to consider the direction your driveway faces before beginning the project. Consider how many cars will need to be parked and if other cars will need to pass the parked cars.

Do you need space for a turn-around? How much street parking is available? These are questions you’ll need to ask yourself as you plan out the layout of your new driveway.

Choose the Shape

Smaller homes may look better with a straight driveway, but large homes may have space for long, curved driveways. Circular or horseshoe driveways are great for homeowners who want to be able to get to the street without backing out. If you’ve already converted your garage into a living space, a horseshoe driveway makes a convenient option.

If you have any trees or obstructions, you might consider a curved driveway to accommodate the layout of your lawn. Don’t be afraid to stick to a straight design though, because a straight driveway is often easier to build and offers a nice line of vision to your home.

Select Paving Materials

Once you know the shape of your new driveway, it’s time to select the paving materials that you want to use. Concrete and asphalt are traditional choices, but they may not offer much room for creativity.

Today’s homeowners enjoy building their new driveways with brick, stone, or concrete pavers. You can select a variety of shapes and colors to get creative with your design.

Consider Permits

Before you begin your project, check with any permits that need to be followed in your city. For example, if your project requires cutting down a tree you may need to get a permit.

Decorate and Enhance

Even after installing paving materials, you can add creativity by adding hedges or lights along your drive. Simple decorations can enhance the design of your driveway and have practical purposes.

You might also consider adding a modern driveway gate to finish off your new driveway. This will add a safety feature to your home and boost the visual appearance of your design. You can meet with design companies like JDR Metal Art who will work with you to design a custom and handmade metal gate for your home.

Ten Driveway Design Ideas

Are you hoping to add a modern touch to your home? Do you want to find a driveway design that adds character to your lawn? Here are ten driveway entrance landscape ideas to consider.

1. Brick and Grass Intermixed

If you still want to keep some vegetation in your driveway, you can try using both pavers and ground covers intermixed. This gives your driveway a gentle appearance that easily blends into the rest of your lawn.

This design might make a cheaper alternative too. It requires a less expensive brick and the ground covers are easy to maintain.

2. Concentric Circles

If you’re opting for brick or concrete pavers but aren’t sure how to lay them out, try designing them into concentric circles. This design style adds a unique touch to an otherwise simple driveway layout.

3. Porous Pavers

Porous pavers are blocks designed with holes in the middle to allow for grass to grow inside. They’re made of plastic or concrete and make a great option for environmental-friendly homes.

They’re also practical because they allow water to run through the block and down into the ground. This is a helpful option if your area gets a lot of rain and you want to avoid a soggy yard.

4. Imitation Brick

If you want the appearance of a brick-lined drive but can’t afford the cost, try opting for asphalt that’s stamped to look like brick. Going for this option will cost you half the price of real brick while still adding that classic touch to your home.

5. Flagstone

The appearance and texture of real stone can add a classy touch to your driveway. You can check local stone dealers near you for regional varieties to use in your project.

6. Stamped Borders

There are some cool driveways designed by homeowners who added stamped borders to their driveway. You can find a wide variety of stamped concrete in patterns that add a unique twist to your design.

7. Striped Minimalist Concrete

Homeowners looking for a modern design can try renovating their driveway with strips of concrete laid out in a minimalist design. You can alternate concrete with vegetation to add some greenery or combine different types of stone.

8. Circular Driveway with Hedges

If you’re paving a circular driveway, try lining it with brick and hedges to add elegance. This style complements any home and provides an easy way to add vegetation to your driveway.

9. Irregularly Shaped Pavers

For a driveway with a unique and simple design, try using slate tiles cut with irregular shapes. This material is a great option for straight driveways in areas that don’t get much rain.

10. Stones Around a Tree

Before you cut down any trees, consider keeping them incorporated into your driveway design. You can lay brick pavers that go around the tree and add a border around it so that no cars run into it. This will add a unique appearance to your home and can also make the project easier because it won’t call for tree services.

Benefits of a Renovated Driveway

Nice driveways aren’t only about appearance. Choosing to renovate your old driveway can offer major long-term benefits.

Better First Impressions

Curbside appeal is important because it’s the first impression you give guests and potential buyers. If you’ve only focused on giving the exterior of your home a makeover, it might be a good idea to spend some time enhancing your driveway.

When you design it well, it can enhance the layout of your lawn or garden. Even a simple driveway renovation improves the neatness of your home.

Improved Functionality

Renovated driveways not only improve curb appeal, but they’ll also perform better in terms of functionality. Improving your drive will give you more room to park and put less stress on your tires.

They can also improve the way water drains from your lawn, which means you’ll lower your chances of a soggy lawn. Well-designed driveways make it easier for guests to come and go, and for your teen who might be learning how to back out. Depending on the material you choose, a new driveway can also be safer for your kids to play on.

Boost Your Property Value

Redesigning your driveway will boost the appearance of your home and lawn. If you plan on selling, you’ll want to get rid of that cracked concrete or crumbling brick.

Potential buyers may not choose your home if they see that the driveway is in need of serious repair. Buyers often want a home that’s move-in ready, and a driveway repair can add an expense they didn’t plan on. When you upgrade your driveway, you’ll boost the value of your property and make it more desirable for buyers.

Get Excited to Arrive Home

Renovating your driveway is a fun and easy way to boost your home’s value and add curbside appeal. It’s a great project to invest in if you plan on selling in the future. For homeowners still settling in, redesigning your driveway can add ease of living.

Be sure to check with your city’s permit requirements before starting your project. Get creative with your materials, and consider a driveway layout that enhances your home’s architecture.

You can try one of these driveway design ideas to improve your home’s chances of making a great first impression. If you’re currently searching for your next dream home, contact us to explore some of our stunning properties.


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