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4 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Selling Property

You might think that selling a home is a simple process, but it definitely isn’t. There’s a lot to consider from the fees you’ll be expected to pay to making sure that your home actually sells on the market. Remember, it’s not uncommon for homes to take months or even years to sell on the market. Beyond that, there are some secrets and hidden facts that you may not realize and may be useful to know when you do decide to sell your property.

Agency Fees Aren’t Set In Stone

A lot of people think that the agency fees advertised cannot be changed and this not the case at all. You can haggle or to put it more politely, negotiate to get lower fees from your estate agent when they offer you a service. Perhaps you can’t afford the full fees they are charging, or maybe you don’t think the cost is worth it for your home. Either way, it’s always best to discuss rather than point blank accept the costs.

There’s A Prayer To Sell

Did you know that there is actually a prayer that people believe helps you sell your home? The prayer to Saint Joseph can be found online. Supposedly, if you say the prayer and bury the statue your home will sell in just a few days. Whether you believe this or not, there are plenty of people who swear it worked for them. So, if you are struggling to sell, it might be worth giving this a shot.

Your Home Is Overpriced

It’s a well-known secret that estate agents actually start your home off at a price well above what it should be. We’re not talking crazy amounts here, it’s usually between ten and twenty percent, but that’s still enough to get home buyers to think twice about making a purchase. So, why do estate agents do this? Well, you have to remember that estate agents need buyers to like them so there’s a good chance they’ll do this just to get a buyer to choose their firm over another company. As well as this, it does give a solid starting point. That way, if you do need to drop the price at least, you’ll still be getting a decent value for your home. And, don’t forget that a lot of buyers will low ball their offer. It’s best then to make sure they think the home is worth a little more and for this reason, estate agents have the right idea.

You Only Need To Answer Direct Questions

Legally, this is absolutely true. Don’t feel you need to give all the information about your property to a potential buyer. If they don’t ask the question, you don’t need to tell them. An extreme example would be if a death occurred on your property. Unless a buyer explicitly asks you or your estate agent whether someone has died on your property, there’s no reason to mention it at all.

Did these facts astound you? It’s always a smart idea to do some research before you sell your home because there might be a few key details you’ve missed that could help.


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