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5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Oahu

With the cost of living in Hawaii being 84% higher than the US national average, it has been dubbed as the most expensive state in the US. 

So, it’s normal for people who want to move in here to look for affordable places to live here. But you don’t have to search from scratch.

Here are the five cheapest places to live in Oahu.


  • Median Income per Year: $71,681
  • Median Property Value: $423,300

Waianae is one of the most affordable cities to live in on Oahu island. The cost of living in this lovely city is way lower than most places in the Island state.

You can buy an amazing single-family house starting at $650,000. In other cities on Aloha Island, you might not find the same deal anywhere below $1 million, according to the property listing data from Dwell Hawaii.

This place is also just 20 minutes away from Kapolei City. 

If you want to live an affordable, relaxed, and small-town-style life while still enjoying modern conveniences, Waianae is the way to go.

Ewa Beach

  • Zip Code: 96706
  • Median Income per Annum: $108,953
  • Median Property Value: $584,900

Do you like a tranquil ocean view along with white sandy beaches that will soothe your soul? If you do, then Ewa Beach, just down the road from the nearby Ewa Gentry, can be a perfect place to live.

One of the most economical places, even by Hawaiian standards, Ewa Beach offers affordable housing for young families looking to settle here. 

Many service professionals working at the Schofield Barracks Army Base choose to stay here thanks to its breezy atmosphere and relatively cheaper cost of living.

This beach paradise also features big-city amenities like supermarkets, schools, and malls. Combine this with Ewa Beach’s sky-rocketing popularity, new business developments, five beach parks, and a friendly community, and you are here for a treat.


  • Zip Code: 96786
  • Median Household Income per Year (2021): $75,932
  • Median Property Value (2021): $578,900

Yet another economical place to live in Oahu, Wahiawa is famous for its rich history, pineapple orchards, and picturesque scenery. Located just near the North Shore, this city is encircled by mountains and lakes, making it a great place to hike and take a break from the busy life.

Whether you’re into the older homes of the plantation era or the modern ones, Wahiawa has it all. This city also has many US military bases, barracks, and airfields.

Those who live in Wahiawa usually enjoy their leisure time hiking, horseback riding, visiting parks, or relishing the sight of lush Dole Plantation. 

Looking for some fresh sea air or want to try your hand at golf? The beaches of North Shore and the Leilehua Golf Course are just a few minutes drive away.

Pearl City

  • Zip Code: 96782
  • Median Household Income per Year: $108,772
  • Median Property Value: $728,500

Pearl City is one of the more affordable areas in Oahu. It’s a popular spot for young professionals and retirees. 

The place has lots of restaurants, parks, local shops, and coffee places giving it a nice suburban vibe. But you may hit some traffic jams, especially during rush hour in the morning and evening with everyone commuting. 

Honolulu and Waikiki Beach are only about a 30 to 40-minute drive from Pearl City. It also has great public transportation so it’s really easy to get to other parts of the island too. 

When you want to get outside there’s plenty to do. You can go hiking, check out some waterfalls, or bike along the Pearl Harbor bike path.


  • Zip Code: 96731
  • Median Household Income per Year (2021): $83,566
  • Median Property Value (2021): $632,100

Kahuku is a small city that has a rather laid-back vibe and an enchanting landscape.  

You can find many types of accommodations here, such as townhomes, cottages, condos, and single-family homes that are rather pocket-friendly, compared to most places in the Aloha state.

But don’t let the cozy vibe and low cost of living fool you. Kahuku has highly competitive sports programs and high school academics. It’s surely good news for the families with young children.

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find any high-end restaurants or clubs in this small 5.97 km2 town, the city can still spoil you with restaurants with farm-fresh produce and elegant golf courses.

Wrapping It Up

Living in Oahu or anywhere in Hawaii is an expensive affair. Still, more than 1.4 million people made it happen. So, you can do it too.

While the five places on our list are some of the most affordable cities and towns on the island, you can also settle down in other locations like Kapolei, Waipahu, Waikele, and Aiea.

So, are you ready to move to some of the cheapest yet beautiful cities of Aloha Island yet?


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