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5 Benefits of a Functioning Aluminum Gutter System

What kind of gutter system do you want? We all want gutters that do their job and last for years. There are copper, steel, vinyl, aluminum, and zinc gutters to choose from.

The majority of people have aluminum gutters. The material has certain advantages the other materials just don’t have.

Continue reading to learn the five benefits of an aluminum gutter system.

1. Customization

Aluminum is a very malleable metal. It can be bent and thinned out so much that a person can crumple it in their hands! For example, The Trough Man offers custom aluminum bending.

Malleability allows you to order custom aluminum gutters. The metal can be bent to the right shape for your home. Aluminum is especially the best option for people with oddly-shaped houses.

A flexible metal means a gutter system that properly fits. If you want your gutters to function at their best, they have to be fitted to your house as best as possible.

2. Doesn’t Rust

While aluminum doesn’t rust, it does corrode. Rust develops when steel or iron corrodes and makes these metals prone to more rust. The noticeable flakes expose the metal underneath to the air and the process repeats.

On the other hand, aluminum corrosion creates aluminum oxide rather than rust. Aluminum oxide actually stops the material from corroding more. It’s a hard material that acts as a barrier between oxygen and aluminum.

Aluminum oxide looks very much like aluminum and can be covered by lime, tarnish, calcium, and water stains. The inability to rust makes aluminum a popular gutter choice because it can last longer than materials that do rust.

3. Durable

Aluminum can match and even exceed the strength of steel. It has been used for spacecraft, military aircraft and vehicles, and shark cages!

The trick is to combine other materials with aluminum to create aluminum alloys. These alloys have a boosted strength compared to regular aluminum. That’s why you can crumple aluminum foil but not an F-16 fighter jet.

The thinnest aluminum gutters are more likely to crack from extreme temperature changes. The thickest ones can withstand snow, ice, heavy rain, and the weight of branches.

Aluminum gutters can last from 20 to over 30 years. They only have to be repainted once every 10 years, whereas steel should be repainted every 4 years to prevent rust.

4. Lightweight

Aluminum gutters come in .025, .027, and .032 gauge or thickness. You can find .025 aluminum gutters in stores. Professionals usually install medium-weight aluminum.

The heaviest aluminum, .032, is also the strongest. The benefit of using a lightweight material for your gutter system is that it’s easy to install compared to other materials.

For example, steel is about 3 times denser than aluminum, making it much heavier. One cubic foot of copper weighs over 3 times more than aluminum. You can install .032 gauge aluminum gutters for maximum strength and they’ll still be lighter than the strongest steel or copper.

5. Price

Aluminum gutters are moderately priced compared to other gutter materials. Copper and steel are the most expensive, which can be up to $30 per foot.

Vinyl and plastic are usually under $4 per foot. They’re inexpensive and lightweight, but don’t have the durability aluminum has.

The cost of aluminum gutters fluctuates with the metals market. They can be $5 to $8 or $10 to $15 if prices for the metal increase.

Consider an Aluminum Gutter System

Although aluminum isn’t the least costly, it has advantages over plastic, vinyl, and more expensive materials. It’s durable and lightweight at the same time, making it an appealing choice and a possible DIY project.

You also don’t have to worry about dealing with rust or an ill-fitting system. Consider installing an aluminum gutter system for your home.

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