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5 Insanely Genius Ideas to Decorate the Kitchen for Christmas

Home decoration before Christmas Eve for many of us is not just a ritual but a kind of unity with the spirit of the holidays, a time for setting a peaceful mood for the mind and hoping for the upcoming year to be better than the latter. But it is quite common to decorate the Christmas tree, the windows of every room, hallway, and the front door, but completely forget about the kitchen.

The kitchen may seem the least appropriate place to decorate because holiday decor may get in the way of its functionality, but isn’t it the place where you spend most of your time cooking and baking on the Christmas’ threshold? Let’s add some Christmas ornaments then!

Fir Boughs

The small size of the kitchen is not a reason to give up on a Christmas tree! You can find them in miniature versions or use fluffy fir boughs – the atmosphere will change instantly. There are many ways to decorate your kitchen with them that will suit any interior design!

You can put a few small trees on a windowsill behind the farmhouse kitchen sink, like one of those from, or decorate a chandelier over the high-tech kitchen island – that will also save you some space! They can become a decoration by laying on the holiday table or hanging on the wall as well. And the best part of them is the fresh softwood scent they bring to your place!

In addition to fir, you can find some cones and other branches to put around the house to create the general sentiment.


It is one of the most popular Christmas decorations all over the globe. Wreaths are groundlessly used for the front doors only when it takes only to find a pretty red and white or red and green (colors are optional) ribbons and hang them all over the place! You can decorate a window or a kitchen hood with them and turn the space into a farmhouse Christmas kitchen. You can also hang them on the wall in front of the festive table to give your Christmas meal a solemn look.

Christmas Lights

“May all your troubles soon be gone, oh, Christmas lights keep shining on…” When it comes to setting the mood, Christmas lights are those fixtures that will make even an empty room look cozy and comfy. Although decorating ideas here are not exceedingly broad, you still can find a place for them in your kitchen!

First of all, you can replace your under-cabinet lighting by putting a garland there and turning it on instead of your LED lights. Choose a colorful one that changes its illumination modes every couple of minutes – it is a primary feature but will bring something magical to your Christmas kitchen.

Second of all, you can go Scandinavian and minimalistic and DIY your mini Christmas lamp! All you need is an empty glass jar (not necessarily clear-white) and a battery-based garland to be put inside. You can then place it in the most suitable angle of the kitchen or make a couple of them so that they will become your main Christmas motive this year! A little tip: add a candy cane into the jar to give the lamp a more dressy and festive look.


Yet another lighting Christmas decor idea for your kitchen and festive table as well. Create a Christmas composition of different candles: you can find them in shapes of Christmas trees or stars, Santas, with multiple ornaments, or just in the holiday’s traditional colors. You can use some softwood branches and fasten the candles to them to get a complete decorating piece that can be used throughout the whole holiday period. It is better to be placed in the center of the Christmas table or on a windowsill.

Dried Citruses

This one will be the easiest DIY you have ever done: just cut the citruses of your choice in thin circles and put them in the oven to dry entirely! Then, you can use them any way you want to. For example, hang dried fruits on threads and decorate your fir boughs with home-made Christmas toys (or even your Christmas tree in the living room!), use them as table decorations, or place them on tiny plates in your kitchen to infuse the whole space with that fresh and fruity scent!


Christmas kitchen decorating is a rather underrated process, and yet it can transform this space quite spectacularly. Whether it is a simple and commonly used wreath, Christmas lights, or fir branches, they will require a particular “kitchen approach,” and it is a fantastic moment for creative thinking. And as the kitchen’s functionality implies, you can try to make some edible Christmas toys, and while gingerbread cookies will take all your free time to do so, drying some fruits will be your savior!

Decorating an additional room on the Christmas threshold will be another one occasion for the whole family to gather, turn on some Sinatra tunes and let the mood of the holidays in, some make sure you are having fun!


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