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5 Key Tips for Choosing Hardwood Flooring That Fits Your Style

Hardwood flooring is quite popular in the United States due to the proximity of hardwoods in the country.

Installing hardwood floors has many benefits for your home. They provide your home with timeless elegance and a beautiful living surrounding. Also, hardwood floors make your home a solid investment in case you decide to sell it.

There are various factors that you should consider when deciding on the best hardwood floor for your home. These will help you achieve the maximum value for your home as an investment.

Below are five key tips for choosing hardwood flooring that fits your style.

1. Style of Your Home

Consider all the interior features of your home when choosing a hardwood floor. Some elements that should match the floor include trim work and cabinets. It’s important to note that when going for a traditional style, you should mix hardwood shades that combine lighter and darker pieces.

You may opt to choose from the combinations provided by various designers. You can also come up with your own designs to be unique.

2. Finishing and Staining Options

Normally, hardwood floors are appealing in their original form. However, you can choose to enhance the aesthetic appearance by highlighting the pattern in the interior hardwood or add some color or stain to the wood.

The importance of finishing is to prevent the floor from getting dirty and enhance its maintenance. You can choose the style you prefer since all finishes and stains go well with most kinds of wood.

You may consider hiring Blue Ridge Floors for finishing services and others that involve hardwood flooring.

3. Your Everyday Lifestyle

If you have pets and kids in your home, it’s possible for your hardwood floor to wear and tear easily. Thus, you should go for the type of wood that is long-lasting compared to others. For instance, you can choose Red Oak since it is more pocket-friendly and very heavy-duty.

4. The extent of Natural Daylight

Many homeowners tend to forget this factor when choosing the best hardwood floor. The colors painted on your walls together with natural daylight have a great effect on the appearance of your hardwood floor.

For instance, in a setting with a lot of natural light, choose darker shades of hardwood floors so as to create contrast. However, brighter shades of hardwood floors go well with rooms with less natural light.

5. Type Of Subfloor in Your Home

Various homes have different subfloors such as a concrete slab, particle board, or plywood. Engineered and solid hardwood floors go well with a plywood subfloor.

You need to install concrete slab floors on plywood subfloors, before adding solid wood floors.

Enhance Your Style by Following the Above Tips for Choosing Hardwood Flooring

If you need your home to be more appealing, you need to install hardwood flooring. Selecting a product for hardwood flooring doesn’t only involve choosing your preferred color. There are other factors that can affect performance and aesthetics.

Some of the tips for choosing hardwood flooring include natural daylight, staining and finishing, subfloors, and your style. Increase the value of your home and its general appearance by going for the right type of hardwood flooring.


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