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6 Tips for Building an Awesome Home Theater in a Small Space

Home theaters are truly awesome because you can enjoy your favorite movies from the comfort of your home and get a theaterquality experience. Now, with that being said, not everybody has a massive house or even a full spare room to dedicate to a home theater.  

You might have a small space that you are working with, and yes, this might cause some problems for you when it comes to setting up your home theater and fitting all of the equipment in there. The guys at Ultimate Home Centre definitely have some good tips when it comes to this kind of thing. For now, let’s go over 6 tips for building an awesome home theater is a small space. The space might not be huge, but making the most of it is what you need to go for.  

  1. Always Measure First

The first and maybe the most important tip here is to always measure out the room you are planning to use before you get started. Measure the length, width, and even the height of the walls to get an accurate reading. You want to know how much space you have to work with, and this goes for seating arrangements as well as setting up all of the equipment.  

There is nothing worse than buying all of your home theater gear, only to come back home and realize that you don’t have enough room to fit everything comfortably in there.  

  1. Go With a Projector

If you are tight on space, getting a massive HD television might not be the best way to go. Sure, technology has come a long way and televisions are definitely smaller than they used to be, but they do still take up a fair amount of space. A good tip here is to go with a projector, and more so, go with a ceilingmounted projector. This way, the projector is not in the way and you don’t have a television taking up space.  

A projector can be a spacesaving and costeffective option if you don’t have much room to work with, not to mention that the image you get can be very large still, plus of a good quality too.  

  1. Get a Sound Bar or Bookshelf Speakers

Now, you might be considering getting a massive surroundsound setup for your new home theater, but this might just not be very realistic. You might be looking at a dozen separate speakers, and some can be quite large, and that’s going to take up some serious space.  

Some bookshelf speakers or a simple sound bar might not provide you with quite the same audio quality as a bigtime surround sound system, but there are still good options out there, ones with good sound quality for a decent price, ones that won’t eat up a ton of space.  

  1. Pay Attention to Lighting

Also, when you are working with a small room, chances are that you might not actually have a room dedicated solely for the home theater setup. You might be using a small home office or just your living room, and this means that you do want to plan things out.  

You definitely do not want to have the TV facing toward or away from a window, because that is going to cause glare and lighting issues. However, you might just have to deal with windows in a small space, in which case getting some decent blackout curtains might be the best way to go.  

  1. Don’t Crowd the Space

Perhaps one of the most important tips for creating a home theater in a small space is to not overcrowd the room. Sure, 4 seats might be better than 2, but if everything is going to be cramped, there is simply no point. 

  1. Map it All Out First

You absolutely want to map everything out before you get to purchasing the home theater equipment and setting it up. You might want to create a floorplan or a blueprint, so you can get organized before you have all of the gear in the room. It’s a lot easier to be able to place all of the items in the right place right away, instead of having to shuffle stuff around with everything else in the way.  


There you have it folks, 6 vital tips for building the best home theater you can manage in a small space. Be sure to measure twice and map everything out, don’t overcrowd the room, and buy equipment that is spacefriendly. Sure, you might want a huge home theater setup, but sometimes the space you have to work with is limited, so your only option is to simply make the best of it.  


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