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7 Cost-Efficient Ways to Add Security to Your Flat

When it comes to our homes, most of us focus on decorating it more rather than making it burglar-proof. But it should be on the top of your priority list. After all, it’s your home. There are some buildings that have such a high-security level that they don’t even let the residents of the building in without appropriate checks. Well, that’s not what every building needs, but a basic security system is a necessity for all places.

Keeping all these in mind, we have discussed 7 convenient and cheap ways to secure your home in this article. Here are the ways to make sure you have a secure apartment.

Secure the Doors & Windows

The vulnerable entry points of most houses are doors and windows. Those are mainly considered easy targets for intruders.

So, a straightforward way to increase the security of your flat would be to enhance the security of your doors and windows.

Make sure the hinges and frames are strongly protected. If you already have a deadbolt and doorknob on your door, then add advanced security protection, such as

  • Add portable locks
  • Add smart locks
  • Add swing locks
  • Add a strike plate
  • Upgrade security with a video doorbell system

While using bars in your windows, remember windows could be a potential escape route. Window sensors or alarms will be the best option for windows.

Make sure you put up window blinds or curtains to keep your valuables covered from the eyes of intruders.

Thieves are always on the look-out for finding out easy access to your house. So, always be alert while leaving your home and lock all your doors and windows.

Keep in mind to consult the property manager before making any changes.

Review your Building’s Lighting

Consult with your property manager and get appropriate lighting in all the dark spots of the hallways, parking spots, stairways, and yards. Use bulbs to light up those areas.

If there’s any electrical issue that needs to get fixed, take note and fix the problems as soon as possible. If you live in Kentucky you’re in luck as the electrician in Louisville ky provides you the best services for issues like this.

The ample outdoor lighting will keep the burglars, vandals, and other criminals away.

Set Up a Security System

You should build up a basic security system with monitoring and automation in your house. If you want it to be cost-efficient, then you can go for a DIY security system to get the minimum protection.

You should keep some key points in your mind while getting the protection system.

  • The cost of the system
  • Monthly utility costs
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Customer services, customer guidelines, and brand image

Not only for built-in apartments, but security systems should also be introduced while building an apartment in the first place with the help of engineers.

Be Smart about your Hide-a-key

Keeping a spare key outside our flats is a prevalent practice, but hiding it in a predictable place will give intruders easy access to your house. People tend to hide keys under mats, flower pots, or on the outdoor ceiling, which is familiar to everyone, not only burglars. So, be very cautious about hiding keys. Choose a rare spot to hide keys. You can also give a spare key to a trusted neighbor. Arranging a lockbox is also an excellent way to keep your key protected.

Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

These days, everything is becoming digital, and everyone is trying to use technology to make their lives easy. The same goes with home security systems, but this can backfire as your personal and financial information is just a click away from criminals. If your home automation system is connected with your Wi-Fi system, buckled up with the smart gadgets, make sure to lock them. Here are some tips to secure your apartment from hackers.

  • Secure your Wi-Fi system with WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 encryption.
  • Protect your system with firewalls.
  • Keep your passwords strong
  • Rename your home network weekly and keep it hidden

Eliminate Hiding Places

Your appealing yard with bushes and trees might be a hiding place for burglars. Keep in mind to trim down branches to keep the area in front and behind your house visible and not too dark.

Small flower gardens or decorations are a better option when it comes to house security. Also, keep in mind to

  • To put away stools and ladders after usage.
  • Remember to lock the doors, the main gate, the sheds of the garden, and other outdoor areas.
  • Keep your valuables hidden, or they will tempt thieves if they are in the yard.
  • Use security signs and security stands on entry points of your yard.
  • Keep your yard under the monitoring watch.

Add Security Cameras

Burglars getting caught by security camera footage is a common scenario. You have probably seen headlines about incidents like this. Security cameras are a critical tool for ensuring the protection of your flat.

This is one home security solution that works as both a deterrent and a means to get justice. You can get security cameras that are part of a complete home security system, or you can use cameras that work on their own. Use security cameras in stairways, hallways, yards, storages, and garages. Cars are one of the main attractive items for burglars. So, make sure your garage is secured adequately. Check twice before locking your garage and make it a habit.

Buy security cameras that have these features:

  • Proper storage
  • Weatherproof casing for outdoor cameras
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Two-way talk
  • Local or cloud

More Budget-Minded Home Security Tips

Apart from these seven to do essentials, you can pull off some hacks if you’re low on your budget.

In a cash strapped situation, you can go for fake cameras and signs to trick intruders. As they say, something is better than nothing.

Also, if there’s one security system you can buy, go for video doorbells.

Taking security measures is essential as burglars strike every 25.7 seconds. Try the tips mentioned above to make your life & valuables more secured.


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