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7 Signs You’ve Grown Out Of Your Home

Outgrowing a home is something the majority of families will do in their lifetimes. It’s highly unusual for a couple or family to stay in the same house forever and ever. We outgrow many things in life, from people to towns. Sometimes, people just get bored. Here are seven signs you’ve grown out of your home if you’re not sure:

You’re Desperate For More Space

If your family has grown or is growing, chances are, you’re going to need to find a new place to live pretty soon. This situation is the most common reason families grow out of their homes. A house can get crowded pretty quickly when you have more children. Maybe your furniture just isn’t fitting, and you still have things hiding in storage. If your possessions are piling up and you’re running out of places to put them, a space that can comfortably accommodate your belongings could be an idea. The only other thing you can do is live a more minimalist lifestyle! If you’re also finding that you and you and your family are under one another’s feet constantly, stepping on lego, and just generally beginning to feel claustrophobic, you should start looking out for new properties that suit you and your unique needs.

You Could Do With Less Space

Another common reason that people outgrow their homes is when they need less space. If your kids fly the nest, you’re going to be paying to heat and run a large house with lots of space you don’t need. This scenario can become quite the burden. Getting the most out of these years could mean choosing a smaller home in an excellent location. This move can even help you to save money and get the most from your retirement years. Less space means not feeling like you’re rattling around your house, and paying much less on your utilities. Although you may consider keeping your home for the memories, you won’t lose them if you move. It’s often the smarter choice!

The right thing to do can be confusing if you find yourself with something called ‘empty nest syndrome’. This situation is a feeling of depression and sadness you may get when your children leave home. Maybe it comes on when they get married or go to college. Both men and women can experience this, but studies show that it is more common for women.

If you’re feeling overwhelming sadness, then going to find the right treatment for you is recommended. Make sure you book an appointment with your GP asap and discuss your feelings. Psychotherapy can help you to understand your feelings better and give you the strength you need to work through them. Medication can help to lessen the feelings of depression, but it’s better not to rely on it.

Social support is probably the best way to help when you feel stressed and lonely, and don’t forget to take the time to care for yourself properly. Remember that you can now spend the energy you spent caring for your child in another area of your life, such as a neglected hobby or a career pursuit. When you feel ready, you may then consider looking for a new place to live.

You have Trouble Entertaining

If you love entertaining, then you’ll need to consider this if you’re unsure of whether you’ve outgrown your home. If you want the space to host more significant events and seat all of the guests comfortably, you may need to rethink your layout or move house altogether. If you have young kids, they may want to bring friends around and have sleepovers. Do you have room for this?

You Have More Money

Perhaps you’re in much better financial shape now than you were when you bought your home originally. If you’ve had a job promotion or come into some money some other way, you may want to look at homes for sale in an area that you like. Just ensure that you’ll be able to keep your new home should your circumstances change again. Consider every eventuality and have a cash cushion ready to be safe.

You Want To Have Pets

Perhaps you want to bring a pet or a few pets into the equation at some point, but you can’t right now because your space is limited or you don’t have a garden for them to roam in. Your priorities change as your wants and needs change, so you may not have considered whether your home was suitable for pets when you purchased it originally. You know what they say: a house isn’t a home isn’t a home without a dog!

Economic Factors

Not every reason you outgrow your home is going to be evident to you. Perhaps you need to take a closer look at the market in your area and in other areas to get an idea of whether this is the right thing for you to do. Perhaps you live in an area where forecasted home values are not increasing, or maybe even losing value. People may not want to live in your neighborhood anymore, so you might want to get out as soon as possible to get a decent price for your home. You don’t have control over the real estate asset value as a homeowner so make sure you pay attention to your neighborhood regularly so you know how the market is looking and the best next step for you to take. If you wait too long and the market hits a low, you’re not going to get anywhere near the price you’d like for your home.

You Find Yourself Looking For Somewhere Else To Live

If you find yourself looking for somewhere else to live, and imagining yourself living in another property, you’ve pretty much answered your question. You apparently have it somewhere in your head that you want to move, so this is a sure sign your home isn’t right for you anymore.

Do these signs tell you that you’ve outgrown your home? If they do, make sure you pay attention to the market, so you know the right time to put your home out there and find a new one! Good luck on finding the ideal property for you.


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