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The Anatomy Of The Perfect Bachelor Pad

There are some who fantasize about a house in the country. Others dream of a modest home in the suburbs. But for some this small town quiet life would be like living with the snooze button taped down. There are some who thrive in urban environments. Who will start to worry for their sanity if they’re not within easy access to a gallery, independent movie theatre or at least an artisanal coffee outlet and bakery.

Perhaps you’re a singleton who’s about to make the leap from shared accommodation to a place of your own. Or maybe you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and spent the last few years creating a shared sense of style with your partner. You’ve not quite arrived at a sense of style of your very own yet and you’re looking for a way to decorate your prospective new bachelor (or bachelorette) pad.

You want a look that marks you out as the urban sophisticate you are while still affording you those soft touches that make a place a home rather than a gallery. Whether your budget will stretch to something luxurious like Meriton’s Sydney Apartments, a prestigious lakefront home or if you’ll have to make do with a small studio flat, you can absolutely have a cool and stylish place to call your own. Here are some essentials that make up the anatomy of the perfect bachelor pad…

Wall to ceiling windows

Even a modestly sized home can look enormous when flooded with natural light and there’s no better way to achieve this than by opting for an apartment with floor to ceiling windows. Not only do they flood the space with natural light they create an illusion of more space to make the apartment look even more impressive and spacious.

A pristine bathroom

Whether you’re looking to impress friends or wow a date, it takes more than a comfy sofa and a big TV to create an impressive pad. You can tell a lot about a person by the state of their bathroom and if you’re to make an impression on people it’s essential that yours is pristine. That means your bath and toilet are scrubbed after every use. It means your bathroom mirror is polished and kept free of flecks of soap or toothpaste and it means that you have (and this is very important) matching towels!

Statement art pieces

When it comes to interior decor the “less is more” maxim is particularly apt for the apartments of singletons. Clutter is not only a visual distraction but it can make a small space seem smaller, less clean and less tidy. Not to mention the unexpected drain it can place on your mental health. Thus, your decor should be as spartan as possible while still making a statement. Choose one or a maximum of two statement art pieces per room. Choose something that speaks to you. Good art should be something that intrigues you and which you should never tire of looking at it. If your reaction to it is “Hmmm…. Maybe” it doesn’t deserve a space on your wall. Check out this great piece on choosing wall art.

Embrace the power of plants

So many people overlook the importance of houseplants. They’re easy to look after and if you choose the right ones for your space can provide months or even years of visual cheer, color and, yes, companionship. As with art, you mustn’t buy plants arbitrarily and you can say a lot about your personality through your choice of houseplant. A bonsai for example can indicate a thoughtful and meticulous nature. Since they’re quite tough to care for it can also demonstrate perfectionism and dedication. A ficus says you’re conservative by nature and avoid risks but are not without a sense of fun. Begonias, however, are the hallmark of a hopeless romantic.

Smart storage solutions

A big part of creating a minimalist aesthetic is making sure that you have a place for everything and everything in its place. That means your storage solutions need to be on point. A kitchen cluttered with hanging utensils, shelves bursting with DVDs and video games or (worse still) a floor littered with laundry will not only make your living space feel pokey, they’ll send dates running for the hills. Invest in some smart storage solutions under your bed, in your wardrobe or within your sofa. You’ll enjoy a flawlessly neat and tidy home while also living the clutter free life.

There’s a whole lot more to a perfect bachelor pad than just a big TV and a comfy sofa!


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