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Bathroom VS Kitchen Remodel: Which Should You Do First?

Remodeling something in your home is a great way to enhance any room. The question is should you choose the bathroom or the kitchen? Both are important in the house so how do you choose which one to do first?

Can I find a bathroom remodel near me? Are there any constraints when remodeling both rooms? Is it possible to remodel them both at the same time?

These are some of the questions that might flood your mind. It can be hard to choose especially when you’re on a tight budget. The key is understanding the impact of working on each room.

How to Decide on What to Remodel First

You can find a lot of room additions Los Angeles companies that can help you decide what to remodel. But you also have to think about if there is a kitchen or bathroom remodel near me? Some homeowners love their kitchens more than their bathrooms. While some will choose vice versa.

Reasons why you might choose kitchen remodeling:

  • Ask yourself where you spend more time. It would be the kitchen.
  • The kitchen can also bring you pleasure as this is also used as a family area.
  • Guests will often see the kitchen more than the bathroom.
  • Homebuyers look into the kitchen first compared to the bathroom.

Reasons why you would want to remodel your bathroom first:

  • You love taking long baths.
  • You don’t cook much.
  • You often use your kitchen area as storage.

Will Remodeling Cost You a Lot?

There are bathroom and kitchen remodeler Los Angeles companies that offer various rates. It would depend on the size of the bathroom or kitchen that needs work. The amount you spend also depends on how much budget you’re willing to shell out.

Mid-range kitchen remodels will run $19,000. While the major ones would go for $57,000.  Mid-range bathroom remodels are about $17,000. While the major remodels are at $40,000 for 48 sq. feet.

So Which Is Which? Is it the Bathroom or the Kitchen?

The decision lies on you and what you deem important. One thing to note is that kitchen remodeling can be invasive and can cost a lot more. Bathrooms have smaller space so they tend to be cheaper. The important thing is you choose a remodeler that can work with the budget that you have.

The satisfaction rate is important and so is the quality of the remodeling. Choose your remodelers well. Make sure they have the skills, knowledge, and experience in working on the field.


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