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A Beginner’s Guide To Basement Renovations

A vital rule of property ownership is to take advantage of all the space you have. Effectively, this means making sure no room in your house goes to waste. Speaking of which, the basement is often underutilized. If you have a basement, you shouldn’t let it sit empty and unused. Instead, you should renovate it and make it useful. You’ll want to create something that stands out, like upgraded flooring options for your basement. Carry on reading, and you’ll find a short guide to help you with this task.

Choose the room function

Firstly, begin your renovation with some simple planning. What will you turn your basement into? There are plenty of possibilities to consider here. A few popular ideas include:

  • A laundry room
  • A second living room
  • A man cave
  • An office
  • A home gym

In all honesty, you can turn this room into anything you like. Yes, it could be a bedroom, but the thought of sleeping in the basement might not be ideal for many. Also, you may convert your basement into a studio apartment. From here, you can let people pay you to live there. It’s not ideal for family homes, but if you want to make money from your property this could be smart.

Let there be light

The interior design of your basement is entirely up to you. However, you need to focus on letting light into this room. You can easily find some affordable basement windows to install here. The more you have, the brighter this room will be. It’s important as it stops the basement from feeling dark and gloomy. Remember, this room is basically underground. So, if you can get as much natural light into it as possible, it will be advantageous. You’ll also cut down on your electricity bill as the lights won’t need to be on all the time during the day.

Make the air breathable

Similarly, living in an underground room can be tough on your lungs. The air in basements is usually a lot worse than throughout your home. This mainly comes from a lack of ventilation. Again, this is where numerous windows are beneficial as you allow clean air into the room. Also, consider an HVAC unit installation for optimal ventilation. This way, your basement doesn’t feel as dusty and the air won’t be as stale.

Build a safe entrance down

Typically, basement stairs are quite dodgy. They’re hardly as stable as the ones leading up to your second floor! Plus, previous homeowners neglected the basement, meaning the stairs are even worse. So, make sure there’s a safe entrance down into your basement. If you need to rebuild the stairs, then so be it. If you fancy being really quirky, you could even have a lift going down. It’s up to you, just make sure that there are no safety risks when going in and out of the room.

These are some of the main things to consider when conducting a basement renovation. Obviously, much of the work is down to you and your own thoughts. Design the perfect room, then renovate your basement to make it useful.

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels


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