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Benefit the Planet and Your Property! Eco-Friendly Upgrades

The art of showing off your property, whether you are selling your property or not, is about modernity. Updating your home isn’t just about making it look appealing, but it’s about ensuring it’s environmentally friendly too. If you are looking to make your luxury home eco-friendly, what are the best things to look at?

Sustainable and Locally Sourced Materials

Once upon a time, locally-sourced was the way builders would construct houses. Now it’s a key signifier of quality. Whether you are looking for an energy efficient roof or need to extend the property, using locally sourced materials will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. A simple approach, but incredibly effective if you are concerned about your impact on the planet.

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification program from the US Green Building Council. It is a perfect way to show off your eco-friendly construction approach. A seal of approval like this will give you that extra peace of mind if you are trying to undertake more eco-friendly practices.

Vegetable Gardens and Orchards

A very simple approach, but one that still makes an impact. Tending to a garden is not just great for you, but it’s great for the planet. Investing in organic produce to plant makes a big difference to the feel of your property. Home vegetable gardens have become a key feature of luxury properties. If you have enough space, you can scale down the farm-to-table concept and learn to live off your own land. It’s not just about vegetables, you can also plant your own vineyard and make your own wine. There are so many benefits to having orchards and vegetable gardens, not just because of the natural shade. They also will benefit the planet by maintaining healthy soil and producing oxygen.

AMX Technology

Smart homes are becoming more widespread. And as eco-friendly houses need to be more than sustainable, this is where AMX technology can come into play. Smart home systems are the way forward for homeowners who are just living a luxury life, but have to split their time between several homes. Using smart technology to not waste energy is crucial. In addition to this, smart technology can protect your home. Using tech to control your home remotely, such as by using numerous apps, will be the way forward in a few years’ time. But for now, it is the perfect way for you to maintain a sense of home in every property you own.

Solar Panels

A long-term solution for any homeowner. They can be a very attractive and artistic addition to your home. Whether you have an old property or a brand new one, there are companies that produce roof tiles that aren’t eyesores. There are providers that take inspiration from classic architectural styles. Innovative, but still one of the best ways to save the planet.

Updating your home is not just about the aesthetics. Making sure it is beneficial to the planet is more important than ever. This is why you need to take it upon yourself to upgrade your luxury home into something more.


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