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Best Home Improvements for Resale: The Outdoor Edition

The home improvement industry has grown by 6.4% over the past 5 years. In 2018, the home remodeling industry was valued at $99 billion.

There are many reasons why homeowners undertake the best home improvements for resale. For starters, they want to make their homes, comfortable. Also, they want to increase its value and improve its curb appeal.

What outdoor home improvement projects should you invest in? What home improvements add the most value?

In this post, we cover the best home improvements for resale.

Build a Deck

If you want to boost your home resale value and turn your outdoor space into a relaxing area, build a deck. Before building a deck, there are a few factors to consider. They include the type of material such as pressure treated wood, composite wood or cedar.

Other factors to consider include permit and size. If your deck is less than 200 square feet and is under 30 inches from the ground, you don’t need a permit. This does not mean that you should not consult with the local state authority.

To ease the whole process, have a home improvement list and hire a professional contractor.

Install an Outdoor Firepit

In summer, spending time with your family roasting marshmallows improves family bonding. By building an outdoor fire pit, you increase your home value and create delightful memories.

You have the choice of a simple DIY model or hire a professional contractor to do it for you. As one of the best remodeling ideas, choose the right fire pit design that suits your entertaining needs. Choices available include:

  • In-ground fire pit
  • Custom sized fire pit
  • Firepit with a ring kit

There are several DIY tutorials available online that will help you design your own fire pit. Make a quick search on Google, Bing or Yahoo and start building.

Install Steel Entry Doors

Did you know that burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems? 60% of burglars report that security systems deter them from intruding a home. One of the best home improvements for resale is a steel entry door.

Used by commercial property owners, steel entry doors can protect residential properties too. Made from steel, they are also constructed with thermal adhesives. This helps to improve the structural integrity of the door and energy efficiency.

Also, the door will never rot, warp or be affected by weather elements such as rain or snow. The good news is they are available in many paint finishes, styles, and stains including glass.

Want to make your home more appealing? Install an enclosed porch. Not only will this allow you to share your home AC with the porch, but you will have a relaxing area for summer.

Revamp Your Landscape’s Beauty

Lack of a curb appeal lowers the value of your home. Why? It gives your home a bad impression even though the interior looks beautiful and homely. Today, you have landscape ideas and home improvements that add value for townhome owners.

By incorporating these ideas, you can transform your yard into a great mood booster. Start by incorporating retaining walls. These can double as extra seating. Add vertical gardens to serve as your privacy walls.

You can include contemporary pergolas such as space heaters, sound systems, and lighting. When you pair this with an outdoor fire pit or kitchen, it improves the outdoor experience. Don’t forget to reseed your lawn and mow it from time to time.

Best Home Improvements for Resale and Curb Appeal

There are more best home improvements for resale that you can include outdoors. For instance, you can install outdoor lights, build a patio, and powerwash your driveway. Don’t forget to focus on energy efficiency and comfort.

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