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Best Tools For Real Estate Appraisers In 2020

A real estate appraiser’s work includes a lot of responsibilities– taking orders, doing property research, property inspection, taking filed notes transcription, report consistency, accurate reviews, and many more.

To do the work accurately, you need the perfect set of tools that will give you accurate results and will make your work easy for you!

In this article, we’ve created a well-researched analysis of the best real estate appraiser tools of 2020, that will help you find the right appraisal tools to will maximize your productivity.

Without discussing any further, let’s read about the best tools for real estate appraises!

Laser Measuring Device – Measure Distance With Ease!

One of the responsibilities of appraisers is to measure a house.

At the time of your property inspection, measuring the property with accuracy is considered to be the most important thing. And to get the right results, you’ve to choose the perfect measuring tools!

We’ve been using traditional techniques for measuring, but not anymore! Nowadays, laser measure is becoming one of the best measuring tools for appraisers.

Laser measuring tools are equivalent to the size of your cell phone and hence you can carry it everywhere conveniently! you can measure a distance up to 300 feet and it works well in every weather condition!

You can also transfer the measurements into your software easily with the help of its Bluetooth connectivity features.

How to Select the best measuring tools?

To choose the best appraiser measuring tools, here are the few things that you have to keep in mind:

  1. Accuracy of the measuring tool.
  2. Quality over quantity.
  3. Price range.
  4. Feedback from actual users!

Drones To Access Hard To Reach Paths!

Drones are another one of the most used appraisal tools in 2020.

They’re inexpensive to use, and have a long-lasting battery backup! Drones with high sensors are giving appraisers a niche in the market and creating expertise that’s in demand nowadays.

How can you use drowns for appraisal practice?

  1. You can access hard to reach places with the help of drones.
  2. Unobserved areas can be seen with the help of the correct pieces of equipment.
  3. Areas of interest can be identified for additional inspections.
  4. Prior improvements can be shown with the help of photographs and videos captured by drones.
  5. Drones can be very useful for measuring large acreage tracks.

A Perfect Clipboard For Fieldwork!

Whether you’re an appraiser or a realtor, a professional clipboard for fieldwork is a necessity!

Representing your business while conducting your inspections is the first impression you leave on your clients. To make this impression leave a professional impact on your clients, everything needs to be perfect!

What are the key features of a perfect clipboard?

  1. There should be more utility than a writing surface.
  2. Storage capacity for business cards, extra pens, forms is necessary for a clipboard.
  3. Plastic storage clipboard to elevates your professionalism.
  4. Weather protection to cover your important papers on rainy or snowy days.

Use of Tablet Or Ipad To Move To A Paperless Office!

The real estate appraisal work no longer needs you to carry a lot of documents to your workplace!

Why do we need to print and dump temporary sketch documents on a paper shredder, when we can create a digital document?  Perhaps, 53% of information theft comes from non-digital sources.

And, as our high tech appraisals are moving towards a paperless office, and here’s how you can skip the paperwork and use the technology, like construction ERP software, to improve your productivity!

How to use Tablet or IPad in your appraisal work?

Scan your documents: Use Apps like CamScamer and JotNot to scan your documents and convert them into PDF for later review!

Make notes: With the help of Apple notes or Goggle documents, you no longer have to worry about carrying a pen and paper to your workplace.

Make Reports: Create, Edit, and share your appraisal report in a minute with the help of Ipad or Tablet!

Communicate with your team: Join Zello and Voxxer that allows you to link up your walkie-talkie style with the rest of your team for easy communication.

Make 3D Sketches: Create 3D sketch floor plans of your home review with apps like Roomstyler 3D home planner, and Autodesk!

Take Accurate measurements: Last but not the least, Intract with your distro laster device to capture and project accurate 3D measurements.

Things to keep in mind before buying your appraisal tool!

Buying the right tool is the key to increase your productivity, but how can you make sure that the tool you’re buying is a top-quality product?

To find the answer to this question, we’ve created a checklist for you which will help you choose the right appraisal tool for you!

Must have features you should look in appraisal tools before buying them!

  1. Rewards and recognitions
  2. Performance improvements plans
  3. Process transparency
  4. Performance scorecards
  5. Performance insights
  6. 360-degree feedback

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