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Why Business Travelers Love Furnished Apartments

For business travelers, life on the road isn’t always glamorous. Having to pick up and move to a new city even on a temporary basis requires a whole lot of planning, organizing, and thinking on your part to ensure that you find a place that meets all your basic needs and is comfortable at the same time. This is even more the case with business travelers whose trips are one month in length or longer. In that kind of situation, it’s nice to find accommodations that feel like a home away from home so you can actually settle in.

These are exactly the reasons why furnished apartments have become such a popular choice with business travelers today. Gone are the days where the only option was to stay in a small generic hotel room for months, even a year at a time while you temporarily relocated for work. So, let’s dive in a little deeper and take a look at what makes furnished apartments such a popular choice with business travelers across the country and world.

Prime Locations in Top Cities

One of the biggest challenges for business travelers is to find a prime location in the city they are relocating to. A prime location is typically one that is close to their new office and the amenities that the town or city has to offer. Big cities in the United States are notorious for having extremely competitive real estate markets, so it’s not like you can easily find a place to rent on your own.

Take for example the city of San Francisco, which is very popular with business travelers and doesn’t usually boast a huge surplus of available properties to rent for a month or more. This is where corporate apartments can really answer your call. This accommodation option for business travelers from Blueground is just that – specifically geared towards business travelers who simply don’t have the time to house hunt. Their premium furnished apartments can be booked online ahead of time, all furnishings are set in place, and utilities are up and running on arrival.

You Can Pack Light

Because furnished apartments are just that – furnished – you can also pack light for your business trip. Packing up for a month or more is enough on your plate, there’s no need to also worry about furniture, dishes, and other such necessities. When you choose a furnished apartment, all you have to pack is your clothing and toiletries.

And the other thing you’ll notice is that these furnished apartments don’t tend to use the typical hotel décor, rather they are styled in such a way that they feel modern, comfortable, and like something you’d see in your own home.

Enjoy Cooking “At Home”

There’s no doubt that when you first arrive at your new temporary home, you’re going to want to check out the local dining scene, but that doesn’t mean you want to eat out for every single meal during your stay. With a furnished apartment, you have the luxury of a fully-functional kitchen. You can prepare your own meals in your own “home”, allowing you to stay in when you don’t feel like going out. Even if it’s just simple meals for one, it can still feel nice to prepare those at “home”. A functional kitchen with appliances also allows you to prep your lunch for the office so you can continue to satisfy your cravings, control your nutritional intake and stay on budget.

Added Space to Spread Out

Hotel rooms are also very well-known for packing a large number of features into a small space. While that is fine for a week or less, staying in that small of a space for a month, two months, six months, or more just doesn’t sound very appealing.

With a furnished apartment, you are getting all the space of a typical apartment. This means a separate living space, a kitchen area, a dining table, a bathroom, and at least one bedroom. You can unpack and organize so you can feel like you’re in your own home. You won’t have to relax, entertain, and dine all in the same space as your bed is located.

And speaking of entertaining, an apartment gives you that ability. If you want to invite any of your new co-workers over for a drink or bite to eat, you’ve got the space to entertain and feel comfortable having them over. Not to mention a visiting significant other or other friends who may want to take advantage of your temporary relocation!

Take Advantage of Tech Features

In today’s world, business travelers often rely on technology, not only to seamlessly integrate with their new surroundings, but to keep in touch with their home office, and their family and friends back home. Furnished apartments usually tick off all these boxes too, offering things such as high-speed Wi-Fi, guest services you can access remotely, and more.

Making Business Travel as Seamless as Possible

At the end of the day, the main reason business travelers choose to stay in a furnished apartment for a long stay is that it makes things as seamless as possible. It provides business travelers with the ability to arrive at the destination, immediately settle in, and start focusing on work from the get-go.


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