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How To Choose The Best Pool Deck Materials For Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a haven for family fun, entertaining guests and spending lazy summer days working on your tan. What needs as much attention when planning is the area surrounding your pool, the pool decking.

Your pool deck is just as important as the pool itself, as its where you and your family will spend time lounging when not in the midst of splashing around in the water.

The pool deck, or the pool patio as some call it, is an opportunity for adding a flair of design and style to the space. But it also needs to be comfortable and safe.

There are many materials to choose from. Keep reading for advice on how to decide which material is best for your pool deck.


Traditionally, concrete is the most popular option for pool decking material because it’s easy to maintain and affordable. Another bonus is that it doesn’t get too hot in warmer temperatures and generally feels good on the feet.

However, concrete can get quite slippery when it’s wet and is known to crack over time. You can avoid this by hiring professionals to install concrete and ensure concrete leveling is done properly.

You can also add a textured finish or include small pebbles and rocks to the concrete for additional slip resistance.


Another common material for pool decks, wood can be a stylish and attractive alternative to concrete. While some may think it looks better than concrete, it will require more maintenance.

With seasonal care ensuring proper cleaning, sanding, and sealing, wood can be a beautiful addition to both indoor and outdoor pools.

Those who like the look of wood but who aren’t keen on added maintenance might consider composite wood.

This is a synthetic material with the appearance of wood and requires little to no maintenance. However, it’s generally more expensive and can get more slippery when wet.


Stones and paving stones are considered by some to be the safest material for pool decking, especially for households with children.

Because of the broken up placement of stones, they are less likely to get slippery. Plus, they aren’t very comfortable to run on, which can deter children from running.

In addition to their safety, the design options for stones are endless. They can be more expensive than some of the other materials, but if safety and design are your top priorities, it could be worth the investment.

Other Pool Decking Materials

Wood, concrete, and stone are all great options. But they’re not the only ones. Pavers, artificial turf, tile, and brick can also make great patios. Additionally, vinyl decking has become increasingly popular due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. With various colors and textures, vinyl decking offers a versatile option for creating a stylish and long-lasting outdoor space.

Pavers are usually made from mixed materials including stone, concrete, and aggregates like pebbles for added texture. For those who aren’t sure or can’t decide, pavers are a great option.

Artificial turf can be a good option for those who like the look of a manicured lawn but don’t want to bother with the mowing and maintenance. It feels nice under the foot, but it can also get much hotter than some of the other materials.

The Takeaway

The most important things to consider when deciding what pool decking material to use are safety and comfort. Budget and design are next on the list.

Families with children will need to pay much more attention to safety than adult households who know not to run near the pool. Regardless of the material you choose, stay safe and have fun.


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