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How to Choose Your Forever Home

As you get older, your needs will inevitably change. The first time you went property hunting, you were probably looking for a place to get started. You and your partner made do with a fixer-upper that you remember fondly now but probably wasn’t that great at the time! You likely moved on to a family home; a white picket fence in a good neighborhood where your kids could grow up happy.

But now the kids have grown up and moved out into their own questionable fixer-upper. Your family home is big and empty. You are probably wondering where next for you. While staying here is certainly an option, you might also consider how your needs have changed. Does this property still work for you?


Accessibility is crucial for older people. You might be fine now but as you age, you may find getting around a large home more difficult. Keeping fit and refusing to slow down is a good start. But, it does pay to consider the kind of adjustment you may need in your old age.

It is worth looking at your house to see what would cause problems. Adjusting your home to your needs is a good idea but it doesn’t always work perfectly. A good example is the stairs. If you are living in a house with multiple stories, a lift from Lift Works might be a more pragmatic solution. But the question is, do you have room to install one and how much building work would it take? It may be easier to move than to adjust.

Local Conveniences

At the moment, you are probably driving quite a lot to get to superstores and go to social events. This is fine for now but should you decide to quit driving, would it be a problem later on? Taxi bills can be quite high and, if you are living on a tight budget, you could find that your freedom is significantly reduced.

Have a look around your local community. Are there small shops nearby that you could walk to? Is there a club you could join or a meeting place you could go to regularly? You don’t have to box yourself in right now, but knowing these things are here will help later on.

Staying in Budget

Retiring is a great opportunity to finally do some of the things you have always aspired to. You could travel the world. You could eat out during the week. You could take up golf. You’re likely to get roped into looking after the grandkids!

Whatever your retirement plans are, you must consider your budget when you choose the home you will have. For some retirees, renting could be a better option than taking on a mortgage; for others, keeping a family property and renting it out could be the funding you need to travel the world.

Setting your goals for retirement is just as important as planning for the future. Take everything into account while you decide what’s best. There’s plenty of time to choose your forever home.


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