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How to Choose a Good Plumbing Company for Your Home Renovations

Did you know the average homeowner will have to call a plumber once every three years? Lucky for you there are almost 500,000 plumbers in the United States. And if you’re a homeowner, you’ll need to find good plumbing that you can trust. Read on for our tips on how to find a reputable plumber near you!

1. Make Sure They Have a Good Plumbing License

Verify with potential plumbers that they have a valid and current license to do plumbing work. You can also verify the kind of insurance coverage they provide. Insurance will protect you financially in case of a problem. Plumbers that aren’t licensed or insured will likely offer less expensive services. But don’t be tempted to work with anyone based on price alone!

2. Read the Reviews

Did you know that a simple Google search for a specific company will not only provide you with a contact number and website but often a collection of Google reviews? On a scale from one (bad) to five (excellent) stars, clients can review the company’s website and leave insightful comments.

Once you’ve found a plumber you’re interested in using, do a Google search to determine what their past clients are saying about their work. However, keep in mind while reading reviews that people who had a negative experience are more likely to leave a review than those who had a positive one.

This means, generally speaking, there are more negative reviews than positive.

3. Get a Few Bids

Don’t hire the first plumber you talk to. Ask for a quote on the job you’re working, and then tell them you’ll be in contact within the next few days or the week. Ask another one or two companies to quote the job for you and then select the best option.

4. Do They Offer a Guarantee?

What’s the guarantee should parts malfunction or work not go as planned? Do they offer money back? Will they fix the problem free of charge? Reputable companies know that customer satisfaction is the priority, so choose a company that’s more interested in doing a quality job than a quick one.

5. Check Out Their Specialties

It’s important to make sure that your plumber specializes in the area you are considering working on. For kitchen remodels you’ll want someone experienced in the specific equipment and current trends. Ask potential plumbers how often they work on bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, etc.

You can even ask how many of those specific rooms they’ve done in the last year.I f the number they give you doesn’t breed confidence in their ability to do a good job, you can consider other options.

Remember This!

Now that you know how to find a good plumbing, you can make the right choice for you! Explore your options, do your research, and then make a selection. And visit our Home Improvement Feed for more tips on making your house a place to call home.


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