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How to Choose a Solar Power System in Colorado?

Are you planning to install a solar power system? Well, it’s high time to join the trend of using an energy-efficient residential system that reduces utility bills and benefits the environment.

The essential aspects to consider are the choice of panels and inverter. Both components are vital for generating solar power and transforming it into direct current. As long as the unit is installed in the right place, the return on investment will be experienced sooner than expected.

Have a look at some useful tips to help you with the choice.

Consider the size and power output

The size of the system is the initial factor to consider, as it has to be adapted to the roof space where you plan to have it installed. Also, the size of the panels is directly related to the power output. The larger the model, the higher the wattage. Check out this URL for some tips on estimating appliance and home electronic energy use.

Residents of Colorado are advised to check the nameplate rating of panels, which reveals the amount of electricity these are capable to produce. The power output of solar panels ranges between 200 and 400 watts in accordance with their dimensions and quality. Keep in mind that the output refers to the amount of electricity produced under optimal conditions.

Therefore, solar installers are supposed to consider various factors before choosing the location of the panels. In order for them to produce maximal power, the workers need to choose a spot with ideal exposure to the sun and the right roof angle. Also, the local climate is of tremendous influence since sunny regions enable solar power systems to use the maximum of their capacity.

Check the energy efficiency rating

The efficiency rating of solar power systems refers to the amount of sunlight the panels transform into electrical energy. Colorado residents are supposed to check this rating by looking for the kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy the unit is capable of producing. The rating of the majority of systems ranges from fourteen to a maximum of twenty percent.

Furthermore, the higher the energy efficiency rating, the greater the cost-efficiency. Therefore, the models with a high rating are considered the priciest in the market. Nowadays, companies that specialize in solar panels in Colorado provide residents with various opportunities to switch to solar energy in order to reduce long-term costs. Investing in a high-end system results in a larger return on investment soon after installing the panels.

Consider the quality of panels

Given the importance of photovoltaic panels in the entire system, Colorado residents should pay incredible attention to their quality. For example, low-end panels aren’t recommended to homeowners due to their low-efficiency rating and insufficient durability. These models come at affordable prices at the cost of having a short warranty. Consequently, they’re more prone to defects and are negatively affected by high temperatures.

The largest part of solar panels found in the market is mid-range, as these provide both affordability and good quality. The energy efficiency rating of these models is above fifteen percent, which guarantees a solid return on investment. Since most homeowners opt for a mid-range system, the choice of models is extensive.

Ultimately, high-end models are believed to be the most long-lasting and cost-effective. Suitable for Colorado residents whose budget allows them to make a large investment. These cells come with an efficiency rating of above twenty percent and warranties that last for decades. Their temperature coefficient allows them to be maximally efficient even at scorching temperatures.

Select the right inverter

The inverter is the core of solar power systems, as it performs the most important function, converting solar energy into electricity. It has to be of remarkable quality in order to withstand everyday wear and tear for at least five years.

When looking for such a product, make sure you opt for a central inverter as it works smoothly in harsh climates. It’s one of the oldest but most reliable types of an inverter. The following link,, includes some helpful tips about choosing such an inverter.

Final thoughts

Investing in a high-end system provides higher ROI.

Make a reasonable choice!


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