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Common Curb Appeal Problems Homeowners Face

Part of being a responsible homeowner involves ensuring that the value of your home is always moving in the right direction. After all, your property will almost certainly be the biggest investment that you’ll ever make, and, as such, it’s in your interests to make sure that it’s worth more tomorrow than it is today. While there are many factors that contribute to the overall value of a house, one of the more important — yet overlooked — aspects is the curb appeal. A home that has a presentable front yard will be worth more than a similar house that doesn’t, after all. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the problems and common errors people make when it comes to the front of their homes.

Lifeless Plants

One of the best moves you can make for your home is to make your front yard as green as possible. Most homeowners know this and make the effort to add plants, hedges, and so on. But alas, for some homeowners, that’s where their efforts begin and end. In some front yards, you’ll see plants that clearly haven’t been looked after, and they really drag the quality of the home down. Indeed, it’s better to have no plants than dead plants. If you find the upkeep of vegetation difficult to manage, look at getting plants that natively grow in your area: they’ll be much easier to care for.

Cracked Driveways

There’s a lot of space for decoration and so on when it comes to your front yard. But before you begin to think about making it more beautiful, it’s important that the essentials are in place. There’s little value in adding green plants and colorful flowers if the infrastructure of the front isn’t in shape. Driveways can become cracked and discolored over time, so it’s important that you’re actively working to keep things in tip-top condition. Paving companies can provide a new asphalt driveway if yours is cracked. If it’s just dirty, then a power washer can help to remove the dirt and grime that has developed on top.

Lackluster Paint and Windows

So far, we’ve focused on the actual front yard of your home. But let’s not forget that most people’s eyes’ are drawn to the property itself. As such, it’s important that this is kept in excellent condition. Is the paint of your home beginning to peel? Are the windows old and unclear? Then look at making some changes. A fresh lick of paint will always do wonders for a home, while new and clear windows will make the property shine. Take a look at your roof too. Shingles can become loose; replacing them will help achieve a more cohesive look.

Too Bold

Finally, remember not to go too bold with the front of your home. A little bit of character and personality can be a good thing, but if there’s too much, then the value will decrease. Your house should be a home, not a roadside curiosity, so keep things sensible.


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