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Converting Your Property Into a Senior-Friendly Home

Are you looking to sell your home to a senior audience? Perhaps you want your current home to fit the needs of an elderly relative? Whatever the case is, converting your property to a senior-friendly home is surprisingly easy. From senior-friendly entrances to handles and rails throughout the house, here are our top tips for creating a senior-friendly home.

Think about slippery surfaces and use textured flooring

Slips and falls are far too common in senior homes, hence why it’s important to use textured floors wherever a fall could potentially happen. Some common areas include the patio, bathroom, and also the kitchen.

Consider the mobility needs of the elderly

You should think about the mobility needs of the elderly and how they’ll be using your property. For instance, those in a wheelchair or have trouble walking up stairs may benefit from an aluminum ramp outside your front door. There are lots of different options when it comes to improving the mobility of a house, so make sure you speak with contractors and consider any disabilities or movement-related issues that the senior has.

Install rails in areas that require more movement

Rails are a fantastic yet simple addition to a senior-friendly home. It can help seniors go up and downstairs, use the bathroom comfortably, and also helps improve the independence of the senior that lives in the property. Make sure the rails are sturdy and that they’re installed correctly against the wall so there’s no chance of them breaking.

Visibility is important in design and furniture placement

Having large open spaces around the home is important when it comes to appealing to seniors. They don’t want cramped space and they don’t want the furniture to be all over the place. Make sure that your furniture and decor layouts are simple and effective.

Increase lighting in all areas of the home

Smart lights are actually a fantastic modern addition for seniors, especially if they know how to use a smartphone. Smart lights can be motion-sensing, they can be controlled from a phone app and they can be tuned to the senior’s liking. Just make sure you light up all areas of the home so that there’s less chance of a senior walking around at night and hurting themselves.

Create a kitchen with simple appliances

Some seniors just love to get cooking in the kitchen, but it’s important to pick appliances that are simple to use and easy to understand. This means appliances with large buttons, dials, and safety controls to keep them safe throughout their use. This same rule will also apply to electronics around the home such as a phone with large buttons and a big TV for a better viewing experience.

Prepare the bathroom for a senior to use

The bathroom is one of the most common areas for a senior to slip, fall, and break something. Non-slip mats usually aren’t enough, so we highly recommend having a custom renovation to make a senior-friendly bathroom. This can include shower benches, plenty of handrails and an adjustable showerhead that is simple to use.


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