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A Cut above the Rest: How to Find the Best Lawn Care Service Company in Your Area

Is there anything better than a freshly cut and pruned lawn in the spring months?

If you pride yourself on having the best lawn in the neighborhood, then you need to invest in the best lawn care service company. As a seasoned lawn pro, you can absolutely achieve this on your own, but hiring a lawn care service company can be just as gratifying.

But with so many companies in your area, you may be left scratching your head. Do you hire the eager high school student down the street or a landscaping company with years of experience? You may also be tempted to save a buck, but will that provide equally satisfactory results?

Whenever you hire a company to do work at your home, you’re trusting them with your property. We all want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but doing our research in advance can help us to make the best decisions.

Want to learn how to select a reliable lawn care service company? Read on to discover our top tips to hire the best lawn care service company in your area.

1. Check Credentials

A reputable lawn care service company will have the proper business credentials to operate successfully and legally. While credentials such as a business license and insurance may seem like “no big deal,” they’re actually very important.

For example, if a lawn care service company doesn’t have Workman’s Comp insurance and a worker gets hurt on your property, then the worker may be able to sue you for medical bills and missed work days. Because of this reality, it’s always important to ask the company in advance about their licenses and insurance policies.

You can also check the Better Business Bureau website to see what others reported about each lawn care service company.

2. Assess Your Needs

Before hiring a lawn service company, you should assess your lawn care needs.

Do you just need mowing done every couple of weeks? Do you want complicated fertilizer and weed treatments? And, do you want your backyard, as well as your front yard, maintained?

Not all lawn care companies provide special lawn treatment, so it’s important to speak with the company in advance about what services they do offer. For any special services they offer, make sure they also have the proper licensing and certifications.

For example, does the company offer training and certifications to apply chemicals treatments? If they do, then it’s a good sign that they take their business and customer service seriously.

3. Pricing and Rates

Before selecting a lawn care service, determine your budget. Once you have a budget in mind and a reputable company, tell them exactly what your budget is.

Ask them exactly how they charge and how much each visit will cost. Some companies charge by the hour whereas others charge per job. If you’re on a strict budget, then finding a company that charges by the job will be your safest bet.

You should also inquire as to exactly what each job entails and how long it should take.

Ready to Hire a Lawn Care Service Company?

When hiring a lawn care service company, always keep in mind that your needs come first. As a homeowner, your number one goal is to protect your home and your family, so don’t feel bad about asking questions. Any reputable lawn care service company will be more than happy to answer them and to have your business.

Want to improve your lawn and landscaping? Check out our blog post for 10 ways to take the yawn out of your lawn.


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