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Don’t Forget These 5 Final Touches On Your Home Reno

When the words “home renovation” are spilt, people usually think of major kitchen remodeling, redoing the bathroom completely or even knocking down the entire house only to rebuild it from scratch. These major renovations are all good and well but don’t neglect to take care of the finer details when the project is done.

There are a few odds and ends that are often neglected when doing home improvements, when in reality they can make a huge difference to the look of your home. Here are some final touches to remember.

Your Mailbox

Curbside appeal is, more often than not simply an afterthought. But the way your home looks on the outside to people walking or driving by really does matter (especially if you’re looking to sell).

Take a moment to spruce up the front yard and entryway. Get a new mailbox or at least offer your old one a new lick of paint. You could even contact a manufacturer of decorative street signs to get a snazzy new plaque for your house number.

The Backsplash

Don’t spend thousands on new countertops and a fancy kitchen island, only to neglect the design of your backsplash. You can really transform your cooking space by putting some thought into the best possible design and materials for this part of your kitchen.

Think mosaics, color blocking, or even simple but exquisite neutrals. Whatever you choose to do, let it stand out in the design and color scheme of your kitchen or bathroom.

A Better Showerhead

Home renovations are almost always about style and looks. However, improving your home to make it more functional and comfortable to live in is just as important.

When you’ve remodeled your bathroom, don’t forget to install an incredible and luxurious showerhead. You can level up your self-care routine and feel like you’re steaming up at a five-star hotel. Even though it doesn’t make much of a difference to someone simply looking, it will definitely make a difference in your early mornings.

Stylish Ceilings

Not many people think to use a unique and stylish ceiling design, and nobody realizes the massive impact it can make on the overall look of your home. Instead of a boring old, flat, white ceiling, include something interesting and luxurious in your home renovation plans.

You’ll be able to add interesting features to the room and give it an added edge without cluttering up the space with extra furniture.

Declutter and Style

Finally, just because your home was freshly remodeled doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s well-styled and ready to be shown off to your friends and family.

Often, the issue that really bogs down a home is an overcluttered space and décor that isn’t properly styled. Make sure to spend a weekend (or two) going through the items in your home and asking yourself whether or not they still belong and fit there comfortably. Style your minimal amounts of décor in a way that accentuates your beautiful new home and don’t let junk accumulate.


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