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Easy Steps To Troubleshoot Power Loss In Half Your House

When the power goes out at home you know that the circuit breaker has tripped or, more likely, that the power company has experienced an issue and the power is temporarily off. This is a common issue in Australia where the power demand frequently exceeds the supply capability.

However, if the power goes out in half your house and is on in the other half, you’re facing a different issue. It’s something you’re going to need to look at straight away. The best approach is to contact a reputable electrician Sydney and get the problem resolved properly.

Of course, while you’re waiting for them, or simply to help you understand the issue better, you should try the following steps. They will help you to identify the issue, although you may still prefer to use professional help to resolve the issue.

Check the Fuseboard

The first step is to go to your main electrical panel. This is where you have the master power switch and an array of individual circuit breakers.

You’ll need to inspect these to see if any of the circuit breakers are in the off position. Several circuit breakers may have ‘tripped’. This means there is a problem with those circuits. However, it’s unusual for several circuit breakers to trip simultaneously.

More common is that the master breaker for the row has tripped. In most homes, there will be the main circuit breaker for each row of breakers. If the main one trips, it will shut the power off to the entire row, effectively depriving a large section of your home of having power.

The main question is whether something is wrong within the circuits or the main breaker. You’ll want to disconnect everything on the circuits and turn the circuit breakers off on the designated row. Then turn the row breaker on and each individual breaker in turn. If the row breaker trips again then the problem is probably with the breaker. If it rips when you turn a specific circuit breaker on, there is probably a serious issue with that circuit.

You’ll want to get the professionals to test the circuits, identify the issue, and fix it for you.

Check The Ground

All appliances and circuits in your home should be earthed. This directs electricity into the ground and reduces the risk of damage through surges and faulty wiring.

If you develop an issue with your ground the power can shut off to the affected circuit. Again, this means there is a fault in your circuits that needs to be looked at.

If you have an earth tester you can check the affected circuits to see if this is the issue.

Don’t forget, electricity can be very dangerous. If you’re not sure what you’re doing it’s best to leave it to the professionals. This is especially true when dealing with partial outage issues as you may find a circuit you think is dead is actually alive, with potentially fatal consequences.

Wiring Issues

It’s worth looking at the wiring in your home, you may find that it has been damaged by pests or even that specific wires have become loose or disconnected. This can be a serious issue if the loose wires are still live. That’s why it’s essential that you shut the circuit breakers off before you start looking for damaged or disconnected wires.

This is most likely to be the situation if you’ve recently had wiring changes or an issue with pests. But, remember that electricity can be dangerous. If you have any concerns regarding your electrical abilities make sure you use the services of a professional.


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