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Elevate Your Outdoor Living: The Ultimate Guide To Decking Trends In Modern Real Estate

Outdoor spaces have always held a special place in homeowners’ hearts. Whether it’s a space for family barbecues, summer reading nooks, or serene morning coffee spots, decks have evolved into extensions of our homes. And just like with any aspect of design and architecture, decking trends are shifting and evolving with time. If you are considering revamping your outdoor space or just curious about the latest in outdoor living, this guide is for you.

Let’s dive into the ultimate guide to decking trends that are making waves in modern real estate.

Sustainable Materials And Eco-Friendly Solutions

Gone are the days when decks were merely wooden platforms attached to our homes. The emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness has reached the world of decking in a big way. Homeowners are more conscious of the environmental impact of their choices. For example, PWHI Decks in Maryland has seen a growing demand for sustainable materials in deck construction.

Composite materials, made from a blend of wood fibers and plastics, have become increasingly popular. Not only are they made from recycled materials, but they also tend to last longer than traditional wooden decks, requiring less maintenance and reducing the need for replacements. Add to that their resistance to warping, staining, and fading, and it’s clear why they’re becoming a favorite.

Multi-Level Decks

Modern homes are leveraging the art of levels. Multi-level decks not only offer a visually appealing design but also help segment the outdoor space into different functional zones. Imagine having an upper-level dedicated to dining with a view, and a lower level tailored for lounging and relaxation. It offers a versatile way to entertain and enjoy the outdoors.

Integrated Technology

We live in a digital age, and our outdoor spaces are not being left behind. From built-in speakers and lighting systems that can be controlled via smartphone apps, to outdoor charging stations, and even under-deck drainage systems that allow homeowners to utilize the space beneath their deck in rainy weather – the future of decks is smart and tech-savvy.

Natural Colors And Textures

While bold and vibrant colors have their place in design, there’s an emerging trend leaning towards natural, earthy tones for decks. These shades blend harmoniously with the outdoor environment and have a timeless appeal. From sandy beiges to deep charcoals, these hues create a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere. 

Additionally, textured finishes that mimic the grain and feel of real wood are becoming popular for those opting for composite or other non-wood materials.

Glass Railings

If you’re aiming for an ultra-modern look with unobstructed views, glass railings are the way to go. They provide a clean, minimalist aesthetic and are especially popular in homes with picturesque surroundings. They make the deck feel more open and connected to the environment while still providing the necessary safety barriers.

Hidden Fasteners

A seamless look is the hallmark of modern design. Decking solutions now offer hidden fasteners, ensuring that nails or screws don’t interrupt the smooth finish of your deck. This not only improves the aesthetic but also ensures a smoother, splinter-free surface, making your deck safer and more comfortable to walk on.

Incorporating Nature

Planters, integrated benches, and even built-in water features are making appearances in modern deck designs. Instead of the deck being a separate entity, there’s a move towards integrating it seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Adding planters with lush greenery or even small trees can transform your deck into a nature-infused retreat.


In the ever-evolving world of real estate and home design, decks have risen from mere functional spaces to becoming integral extensions of our homes. Today’s decks are not just about providing a place to sit outside; they reflect the homeowner’s style, values, and lifestyle choices. From sustainable solutions to smart tech integrations and designs that seamlessly blend with nature, the modern deck is a testament to innovation and style.

As you consider elevating your outdoor living, remember that it’s not just about following trends. It’s about creating a space that resonates with you, offers functionality, and stands the test of time. Whether you’re redesigning or starting from scratch, may your deck be a haven of memories, relaxation, and sheer joy.


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