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Ensure That Your Luxury Rental Is Accessible To The Disabled

Everyone deserves to enjoy a relaxing holiday away from home, especially those who have a disability which prevents them from enjoying life as much as possible. However, for those that own a luxury rental, how can you ensure that the property is accessible without making drastic changes to the building? Whether your guest is a fan of 3 wheel scooters or the traditional wheelchair, they’re going to need a way to navigate themselves around your luxury rental, but with the landlord being so strict on the alterations that you can make, the task is usually quite challenging. Well, not anymore, as we have the best tips available for ensuring your luxury rental is as accessible as possible!

Have A Chair Lift Device For The Pool

Every luxury rental has a swimming pool, and nothing feels better than dipping yourself in one on a scorching hot day to cool down or mess around with your friends. For those with a disability though, this isn’t always possible, as stairs leading into the pool are impossible for them to use. Make their lives a little more comfortable by installing a chair lift device on the edge of the swimming pool, similar to those that you can install in the bathtub. This way, your guest can join in with the fun, but always ensure that the pool is shallow enough for them, as well as having inflatables that they can comfortably float around in.

Ensure They Can Enter The Garden Safely

It’s all well and right allowing your guest to have access to the pool, but what’s the point if they can’t access the outdoor space in the first place? If you have a doorway leading out into the garden, you need to ensure that those in a wheelchair or scooter can navigate themselves outside safely without any mishaps. This set-up is simple, as all you need to do, is invest in a small ramp to place over the step between the indoors and outdoors. Essentially, providing hospitality for someone suffering from disabilities is all about making them feel included and thought about, as this factor alone will make their time in the luxury rental ten times better.

Have A Bedroom & En-Suite Downstairs

If you have a luxury holiday rental, it’s possible that it’s multiple stories high. A broad, winding staircase may be a little daunting to those who struggle with mobility, so it might be a more practical idea to ensure that there is suitable accommodation for them on the ground floor. Naturally, your downstairs area will consist of a kitchen and living room, but if you have another room downstairs that’s occupied with random furniture, or is merely unoccupied, make this their sleeping area. Also, it’s paramount that there’s a bathroom downstairs, or at least a stair lift leading to upstairs, otherwise getting up in the night desperate for the toilet won’t end well for your guest. If you don’t have a spare room downstairs to convert into a bedroom, make the living space as cozy and welcoming as possible, as this will tell your disabled guest that you’ve put some hard thought in and tried your best to accommodate them.

Remove Some Clutter

Especially for those within a wheelchair or mobility scooter, there needs to be enough room in the luxury rental for them to maneuver themselves around safely. While that colossal Greek statue in the middle of the living space might look glamorous and classic, it isn’t going to be practical for those needing to spin around in a wheelchair, as this often requires a significant amount of surrounding space. Therefore, it would be wise to store away some of your unneeded clutter for now, as this way your guests will feel more confident using their mobility vehicle inside without damaging the property, or more importantly, themselves! Accommodating for your disabled guest really doesn’t have to be difficult, and with just a few small changes around your luxury rental, they will be able to have the best holiday in no time at all


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