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Essential Tips For Water Heater Maintenance That Can Save You Money

On average, repairing a water heater can cost $900. But for some homeowners, a simple repair may cost as little as $100 or as much as $1,300, according to HomeAdvisor. A water heating system is essential in any modern home, as it provides instant access to hot water for bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry. However, many homeowners neglect their hot water tank systems, which leads to costly repairs or complete breakdown even before their lifespan ends.

Maintaining your water heater should be a top priority on the list of expert services you need in your home. Nonetheless, you can perform routine checks by yourself to keep your system running efficiently for at least ten years. Here are essential tips for water heater maintenance that will save you money on repairs and replacements.

Check The Pressure Valve

All water heating systems come fitted with a temperature and pressure relief valve that senses excess temperature and too much pressure build-up inside the hot water tank. It then opens automatically to release extra pressure. Testing the pressure valve at least once per year is an excellent way to ensure it’s working. Because if it’s not, your water heater could explode due to pressure build-up.

To test the valve, pull up the lever and let the water flow for a few seconds. Then release the lever to allow the valve to snap back into place automatically. If it doesn’t, make sure to replace it immediately.

Seek Professional Inspection Services Every Year

Although DIY routine checks are necessary to keep your heating system running, consider hiring a professional plumber to inspect your water heater at least once a year. A plumber will perform thorough inspections to pinpoint issues affecting your hot water system. After identifying potential problems, a plumbing expert will recommend the best water heater service.

Your service provider will likely advise you to repair your water heater if the damages are minor. Some common hot water tank issues include a faulty thermostat, corrosion, water leaks, cracks, foul smell from the faucet, and discolored water.  If the damage is beyond repair, they will help you with choosing a water heater to replace your existing one

Flush The Tank

As your water tank gets older, debris and sediment begin to build up. Aside from reducing the heater’s efficiency, these elements clog the lines. During routine maintenance, check if the water coming from the heater is dirty. If you notice debris, experts recommend flushing your hot water tank.

Maintaining water heaters takes a few hours and could save you a lot of money on costly repairs and replacement. Routine checks help you prolong the life expectancy of hot water tanks and increase energy efficiency.


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