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Everything AND the Kitchen Sink: The 5 Best Sinks to Consider During Your Remodel

Are you looking to make a kitchen that feels like it belongs in a cooking show? Do you want to remodel your kitchen so that you can create a beautiful place to relax and recharge? If so, then you need to consider all of the best kitchen sinks to implement into the new layout.

The sink is one of the most overlooked aspects of the kitchen. You use it every time you go to the bathroom, sometimes more than once in one visit! It’s used for washing your hands, rinsing your food, and so on.

See below for an in-depth list of some of the best kitchen sinks you should consider during your big remodel.

1. Cast Iron Sinks

Everyone appreciates a well-trimmed, neutral-colored cast iron sink. This material is heavy and durable, ensuring that once you install it, it will serve as a mainstay for your kitchen for many years to come.

Cast iron sinks give investors such as yourself a higher return on their investment. They’re heavy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear over the years. However, they do have a risk of rusting when the outer enamel starts to wear off.

Ultimately, we recommend cast iron sinks to anyone that’s looking for a durable and timeless look. For those of you that are feeding inspiration for your remodel to achieve a farmhouse-style kitchen, the cast iron sinks will fit seamlessly.

The big question here is this: are you willing to provide it with maintenance? While it doesn’t require a ton of maintenance, you’ll have to upkeep it more than most modern options—such as the next option on this list.

Here’s our recommendation: do some research on cast iron kitchen sinks. Look at the different aesthetics (they don’t offer many), then see if you can see yourself holding on to that design for the long-haul.

2. Fireclay Sinks

Perhaps some of you have never heard of fireclay. If so, then you should know it’s a sink made of ceramic material.

As the name would imply, these sinks are molded at very high temperatures, then left to dry for 2 days or longer. They aren’t cut and shaped as many other materials are.

For many interior designers, fireclay is the preferred alternative to cast iron sinks due to its lighter body, lower price point, and easier installation.

More importantly, interior designers prefer it because of one specific quality: it keeps its youth extremely well, without much maintenance on the homeowner’s end.

While cast iron can last for a long time, it tends to show its age with more wear and tear over the years. Fireclay holds up to all the dishes and silverware being put in your sink, so you don’t have to worry about the surface scratching.

If you’re caught choosing between fireclay or cast iron, be sure to click the following link for a better comparison. As you’ll undoubtedly see, both are a tremendous option. Both offer a timeless look. But in the modern kitchen, a fireclay sink might be the better choice.

3. Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel is a common material for many household amenities. Why? Because it offers durability and an eye-popping aesthetic. Two things rarely go hand-in-hand in home design.

Many experts say that stainless steel makes the kitchen appear more modern and futuristic, which will hold up better over the next decade or two.

A stainless steel kitchen sink can also make the entire kitchen work triangle appear unanimous. For those of you that don’t know, the kitchen work triangle is the proximity of the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove, the three most used aspects of any kitchen.

As the name would suggest, you should aim to have them form a triangle in your layout, so that you’re never too far away from any one appliance.

If your refrigerator and stove are stainless steel, then why not match them with a stainless steel kitchen sink? Food for thought!

4. Copper Sink

Maybe you want to add a little bling to your new kitchen layout. Perhaps you want to find something that’s unique and ensure none of your friends/relatives can match it. If that’s the case, then you might consider a copper sink.

But copper sinks offer more benefits than just looks. They’re antimicrobial, meaning that they kill harmful germs and bacteria themselves, thus requiring less maintenance on your end.

It’s also incredibly durable since it holds up well to the acidity found in common foods. It’s self-healing, in a way, which makes it a great choice for any kitchen!

5. Porcelain Sink

Perhaps the most common type of kitchen sink these days is a porcelain sink. It’s been that way for a long time. But why?

For starters, porcelain sinks are cost-efficient and offer a variety of styles and colors. You can easily find a design that’s unique to your kitchen, ensuring no one else can copy your idea.

It’s also incredibly low maintenance. All you need to do is scrub it every week or two, if you do, then you won’t have to worry about staining or chipping.

Invest in One of the Best Kitchen Sinks Available

Now that you have seen a list of some of the best kitchen sinks available, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

Start by assessing all the plans you’ve made so far. What type of kitchen sink fits best with those features? What’s your preference?

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on kitchen remodels, as well as many other helpful topics that you will enjoy.


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