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Exploring Canada on Two Wheels


The attraction of the road trip is one of the recurring themes in the sport of cycling. But the question remains: how long would it take to bike across Canada, and is it possible to tour by bike? This is made possible on a much larger scale by touring by bicycle, which entails frequently traveling to remote locations for several days with all your gear strapped to the bike.

A touring bike is an ideal tool, regardless of whether you intend to go on an adventure outside of the country or want to explore more local roads in great detail. The bicycles should be steady and dependable in their handling and should come equipped with all the mounts necessary for pannier racks, bags, and mudguards. These bicycles should be designed for pedaling long distances in comfort. One of the fundamental principles of bicycle touring is self-sufficiency, and as a result, bicycles are typically created with simplicity of upkeep in mind.

Genesis Tour De Fer 30 Touring Bike

This is a touring bike that has been explicitly designed to offer a ride that is both comfortable and functional for a cyclist who is out on the open road. A springy ride and an excellent foundation are what you can expect from the Reynolds 725 Heat-Treated Chromoly frame.

These 160mm rotor mechanical disc brakes are a more modern addition that also gives the nod to practicality, mainly when wet outside. Mechanical TRP Spyre brake calipers aren’t quite as powerful or easy to modulate as a hydraulic brake set. They are simple to adjust and highly dependable, making them an excellent choice for a significant distance tour.

A 10-speed Shimano Tiagra drivetrain is appropriate for a rider when he is thinking about how long would it take to bike across Canada? A 50/39/30 crankset provides equipment that is just a little bit too large for cycle touring, particularly when traveling over hilly terrain.

Conveniently, this bike already has many of the recommended essential add-ons. Mudguards, of course, also motor front and rear lights, bottle cages, and Tubus pannier racks up front and back.

Surly Disc Trucker

The Disc Trucker features disc brakes but uses quick-release axles but lacks the versatility and can-do spirit of the original Long Haul Trucker.

While some people swear by them, others question their usefulness for touring, given the difficulty of sourcing a replacement set of hubs in less populated areas. While problems with the hubs themselves are uncommon, replacements are easily obtained. The positives of better rotor-to-caliper alignment outweigh the potential drawbacks.

The Disc Trucker offers the freedom to tackle any terrain with a 26-inch or 700c wheel setup. Both the 26″ (available in sizes 42-58cm) and 700c (available in sizes 56-64cm) models have fender clearance for tires up to 2.1 inches wide.

Kona Sutra All Road Touring Bike

The Sutra is built on Kona’s Cromoly steel frame and features tubeless-ready WTB STi23 rims wrapped in Schwalbe Marathon Mondial 700x40c tires in a glossy black finish.

Shimano 10-speed Tiagra road shifters have also replaced bar-end shifters. This is another radical departure from the Sutra’s traditional form; it ushers in a much more contemporary reading of the ancient text. The bike’s mechanical simplicity is diminished, but this may be desirable for extended trips abroad. Still, if you’re used to riding a standard bicycle, you’ll probably like the STI levers.

The leather Brooks saddle does need a little more maintenance than you’re probably used to; it should be protected from the rain and oiled every few rides to keep it supple. However, because it acts essentially as a hammock, it is very comfortable and improves with use as it conforms to your body.

Ridgeback Voyage.

The Voyage has classic styling that will never go out of date, thanks to a recent redesign that did not leave out any of the conveniences and safety features in modern vehicles.

The Ridgeback Voyage has a frame of Reynolds 520 tubing and a fork of CroMoly steel. There is a rack and fenders (mudguards) installed on every bike.

Shimano Sora shift levers and Tektro cantilever rim brakes are used for shifting and braking, respectively. Even though disc brakes might be better for all-weather touring, the Voyage’s simplicity and accessibility make it a machine that can be easily maintained and has spare parts even in far-flung places.

High-spoke-count Alex rims are sturdy and reliable, if not the most eye-catching; when shod with Continental Contact 32s, they are capable of light off-roading but are at their best on the pavement.


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