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Finding Metro Detroit Commercial Window Office Tinting Companies For Properties

For any business or commercial property, the overall look of your office is a representation of your image or brand. You want to make sure that your employees and clients are protected, as well as your information and all your assets.

That’s why you need to upgrade your office equipment, office furniture, security devices, and even your office windows. You don’t have to keep your boring old office windows because commercial window office tinting companies now offer a modern look for your investment properties.

In this post, you’ll learn more about how to find a trusted and reliable commercial window office tinting company, as well as the facts, features, and benefits of having your office windows tinted, or the advantages of office window tinting services.

Finding A Commercial Window Office Tinting Company

Window tinting or glass coating is the newest trend to achieve a modern look for your investment properties. It has a lot of uses like sun protection or as a perfect design element with solar wind shades.

Of course, you want to protect your property from harsh elements and still keep it looking professional and modern or up-to-date to encourage investors and gain more customers. This is why you have to find a good office window tinting company to achieve these goals.

When it comes to choosing a commercial window office tinting company, you need to consider hiring a licensed, insured, experienced, and reputable company. You have to see the portfolio of the company to determine the right type of window tinting product or service for you. Be wary if the company refuses to provide a portfolio and references.

The benefits of hiring a commercial window office tinting company with a good reputation and a solid background include excellent craftsmanship and high-quality output.

Learn more about the good qualities and benefits of hiring a commercial window office tinting company by continuing to read below.

Here are some tips when finding an office window tinting company in Metro Detroit:

  • Go to the website of your prospective office window tinting company and check the offered products and services. Read the “About Us” and “FAQ” pages to get to know more about the company and the type of office window tinting services they offer.
  • Call the company and ask for the physical address and get at least three references. Contact each reference to get an idea of how the office window tinting company works.
  • Choose one that works with different suppliers, like 3M, which provides high-quality window tinting products. It’s a popular brand of adhesives for windows.
  • Check the portfolio of the company so you’ll have a proper perspective of what window tinting products to choose for your investment properties.

Benefits Of Office Window Tinting

Window tinting is a great investment as this makes your office building or investment properties look modern. Glass coating is not only for aesthetic purposes. It has a lot more to offer for your business, your employees, and your clients and customers. Check the best benefits of window tinting below:

  • Health Benefits: Using glass coating or having your office windows tinted is beneficial for your health. You technically avoid getting the people inside the building exposed to the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays.
  • Safety and Privacy: In any business, safety and security are essential. That’s why you need to keep all your assets safe inside your building through window tinting. You’ll have more privacy and security because unauthorized persons can’t see what’s happening inside the building, keeping all your information and assets safe.
  • Keep Your Office Cool: Window tinting can block 99% of harmful UV rays that get inside the room, so solar heat is also minimized, keeping your office cool and comfortable.
  • Reduce Utility Bills: Replacing your old windows with tinted windows is a good idea. Window tinting promotes energy-efficiency because it can also block 80% of the heat coming from inside or indoors to help you out with your heating bill.
  • Business Benefits: Once you upgrade your old office windows to glass-coated windows, you give your customers and investors a good impression that you’re up-to-date, flexible, and adaptive to changes. These are good qualities for an investor like you, helping you establish a good and solid reputation. Increase your rental rates and reduce vacancy rates by upgrading your windows through glass coating.

Qualities Of A Good Commercial Window Office Tinting Company

Once you have narrowed down your choices of the best office window tinting companies in your area, it’s time to choose the right company by looking at the following:

  • Solid Years of Experience: Ask how many years the company has been working in the industry and what type of services they’ve been providing in commercial properties around your area.
  • Expert Workers: Make sure that the company only employs experienced and skilled window workers. Ask for the last training they’ve attended, as well as certifications and other credentials.
  • Excellent Customer Service: You would want to be able to contact the company fast and easy if issues arise during the installation process or even after the office window tinting job is done. Ask about the communication methods the company offers like a dedicated customer support line (toll-free number or landline number), email, chat support, or text message.
  • Warranty and Insurance: These two must always be sought in any service work. You want to ensure that you won’t be liable for any untoward accidents or damages the office window tinting job entails, so you have to ensure that the company offers service warranty and insurance.

Decorative Office Window Tinting

You can boost the aesthetic appearance of your building without spending a lot of money. Decorative window tinting is an excellent alternative to etched glass, which is appealing and budget-friendly. When it comes to office window decorations, the durable material is polyester along with its significant architectural beauty.

Here are the facts about decorative window tinting:

  • Decorative office window tinting refers to the application of window films to the inside part of office windows. Professional window installers should perform the job to ensure correct application.
  • Office window tinting is perfect for residential homes, conference rooms, lobbies, private offices, verandas, glass partitions, and retail settings.
  • The different patterns or specific assortments you can choose from include the following: decorative accents, decorative vision strip (crystal clear), full coverage privacy (with graphics to cover doors and windows from top to bottom), and privacy banding (perfect for meeting areas and conference rooms).


Protect your investment properties by upgrading your office windows, and you’ll also reap other benefits. All the people working for you, as well as your customers and clients, are kept safe from harmful UV rays. Of course, window tinting adds a touch of modernism and professionalism to your property, creating an inviting environment that can encourage more investors and customers to do business with you.


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