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Finding Wholesale Deals On The MLS

Investing in real estate properties is one of the most reliable and profitable investment strategies if done right. You can ensure your profits stay high by finding wholesale deals on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

The MLS is a database that real estate industry professionals, such as brokers or agents, use to share information about properties listed for sale. It includes detailed information about each listed property like photos, square footage, location, and pricing.

The MLS is an ideal place to look for wholesale deals because it’s updated regularly with new listings from all over the country.

How To Find Great Properties On the MLS?

When searching for potential properties on the MLS, it’s essential to pay attention to two key things: price and condition. Look for homes that are priced lower than the average market value, as this means there’s room for negotiation.

Additionally, be sure to assess the condition of a home before making an offer. If it needs extensive repairs or renovations, the cost can add up quickly and eat into any profits you make when reselling the property.

Final Price

If you are eyeing a specific location or within a budget range, you can use the MLS to narrow down your search. Compare similar properties in the area and use this information to determine an appropriate final price for a wholesale deal.

You can also take advantage of any special deals or incentives offered by brokers or agents. Many times, wholesale properties on the MLS are willing to work with buyers on flexible terms so that everyone walks away from the transaction satisfied.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate and get creative when it comes to finding a great wholesale deal on the MLS. Most property developers and investors maximize their profits by using the MLS to find great deals and stay on top of industry trends.


Is the building or home ready to move in or does it need major repairs? Consider the condition of the building or home closely. As enticing as the price may be, if you’ll spend a hefty amount of money doing repairs, renovations, or upgrades, your profits will be significantly reduced.

Was the property recently renovated and what was the issue? Was it a simple cosmetic repair, like painting the walls, or was there something more seriously wrong with the building?

A thorough understanding of the condition of any potential investment is essential.

Was the plumbing system updated, is there any evidence of infestations, or does the home need a new roof? These are all details you should be aware of before making an offer.

Other Fees and Closing Costs

Maximizing your profitability when entering the real estate industry means understanding the ins and outs of the process. To maximize your profitability, you also need to consider additional fees, closing costs, and taxes when making an offer on a property.

The MLS will give you the breakdown of all additional expenses associated with purchasing a property. Understand these details before committing to an agreement or signing any papers, as failing to do so could result in unanticipated costs that take away from the profits you make on the deal.

Types of Properties To Consider

There are different types of properties to consider when you’re looking for a great wholesale deal on the MLS.

  • Bank-owned homes
  • Foreclosed properties
  • Short sales

These are all common options that can be found on the MLS. As-is, distressed properties are often priced lower than their market value, making them perfect for those looking to invest in real estate.

Additionally, many developers will list bulk lots or bundles of multiple homes as one property, which is an excellent option if you’re looking for a large investment. These types of properties generally require more work but often offer larger returns in the long run.

When Is The Best Time To Purchase A Property?

The best time is always the present. Real estate is a great long-term investment and you don’t have to wait for anything to make that happen.

It’s important to know the market and research different properties before making any decisions, but there will always be something available if you look hard enough.

In general, winter is usually the best time to buy since fewer people are actively looking during this season. Additionally, it’s often easier to negotiate better deals when the demand isn’t as high. Remember that many buyers may be willing to take less due to tax benefits or other incentives in order to close quickly.

The most important thing is to do your research and find the right property for your needs. With some patience and knowledge of the market, you can find an amazing wholesale deal on the MLS.

Be it for residential or commercial purposes, wholesale properties are a great way to start investing in real estate. Properties that have been in the market for a long time are also a good starting point since negotiating and haggling prices can be easier.

Final Words

Although you may want to take advantage of a great deal, it’s important to stay disciplined and only purchase something that fits your needs. Remember to be mindful of all the paperwork and legal documents involved when purchasing property so you can make sure everything is in order before closing the deal.

Be sure to also keep in mind that the best time of year to purchase a property can vary depending on your geographical location and other factors such as job growth, population dynamics, inventory levels, and more.

Additionally, it’s always beneficial to have an experienced real estate broker or agent working with you to help you find the best deals. With their knowledge and connections, they can often uncover even better opportunities than what’s readily available on the MLS.


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