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Five Renovations that Will Make Your Property Easy to Sell

If you’d like to increase the value of your property portfolio, you might be thinking about smart investments. Home improvements can make your real estate more appealing to buyers and increase the value of your portfolio at the same time. With so many ideas on renovating your home, have all of the materials that you need to get the best return on investment, however, you’ll have to make smart decisions. Below you will find a few tips on where to invest to get the best return.


Potential buyers will be attracted to a modern, airy, and well designed kitchen. You don’t want to make your home look smaller than it is, so an open dining room combined with a kitchen is a great idea, with a breakfast island in the middle. When designing a home, you have to think with your potential buyers’ or tenants’ head. Talk to a professional property developer to find out how you can add value and make your new kitchen look appealing.

Green Energy

Investing in hot water solar improvements, energy saving devices, and smart thermostats will make your real estate appeal to young professionals. These improvements can provide a point of differentiation in the market, and help you create long term value for your buyers or tenants. Replacing your outdated heating and air conditioning system and installing an air source heat pump is also a smart investment.

Outdoor Space

To improve the lifestyle of the occupants, you might also want to connect the indoor space with the great outdoors. Focus on landscaping, create a conservatory or an orangery. If you have an apartment, you might want to build a green balcony that is perfect for having a breakfast in the morning, or enjoying a glass of bubbly watching the sun go down.

Bathroom Renovation

Of course, bathrooms matter as well. You can get them renovated for less than you would think. A stylish and modern bathroom set with shiny new tiles will make a huge difference. If you would like to be stylish and add character, you can choose a Helixbath acrylic bathtub that will create ambience and style at the same time. Pay attention to details, including heated towel rails, extractor fans, and other accessories that will make the bathroom more comfortable.

Open Plan

Small apartments often don’t do well in the real estate market, as they seem to be dark and crowded. If you can create an open plan design apartment that is light, bright, and appears spacious, you are more likely to see a good return on your investment. You don’t have to have walls; simply use screens and room dividers to define the boundaries of different rooms. Remember that when it comes to small apartments less wall space is more.

Whether you are looking to sell on your real estate or rent it out to young professionals, you can maximize your profits if you make smart investments. Focus on the bathroom and the kitchen, create light and energy-efficient features, so you can appeal to affluent urban buyers for many years to come.


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