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Front Yard Upgrades for Your Property: How to Create an Inviting First Impression

Photo credit: Omri D. Cohen

Are you contemplating a front yard upgrade to transform the look of your house from the outside? As a homeowner, you should strive to make a lasting first impression on your guests. 

Your front yard is the face of your home, and a well-designed one can significantly enhance its overall appeal. Think spotlights, window flower boxes, and wooden patios; additions like these can bring your home to life.

There’s no better time to change your front outdoor space, and this post will show you how! It’s time to give it a complete makeover.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Front Yard?

Upgrading your front yard has many benefits, from adding some aesthetic appeal to increasing its overall value. 

Here’s why you need to consider a front garden transformation:

  • Elevated visual charm: A couple of easy enhancements, such as a new walkway or a new shade of paint, can rejuvenate your home’s front appearance.
  • It adds value: As long as the change improves your home’s overall look, it will add value. Big changes like hardscaping can hugely increase your property’s market worth.
  • Better functionality: Your front yard is the way people enter your home. Some upgrades make it easier for visitors to get to your front door easily without disturbance. Examples of this are widening your driveway or moving your flowerbeds.

Front Yard Upgrades Every Homeowner Must Consider

Aluminum and Vinyl Railings

Aluminum or vinyl railings are superb for enhancing a front yard, especially if you have a deck or an elevated home. They will secure whatever you store there, whether you’ve got a set of deck chairs or a barbecue set up for the summer, without sacrificing style.

Vinyl railings are known for their strength in withstanding the weather without losing their color and durability over time. This makes them a fantastic addition, especially for homeowners located in places prone to extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, and hurricanes.

For those more focused on style, aluminum will surely add some curb appeal to your home. It’s a fashionable option that comes in various eye-catching styles, requires minimum upkeep, and is rust-proof.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Who said front yard improvements have to be expensive? It only takes a fresh coat of paint to captivate visitors and passersby.

You can go down the route of giving the whole facade a new look with a bright splash. But you don’t even have to go that far. All it takes is to add some color to your front door to catch the eye of those in your area. 

Not only will this improve your garden’s front look, but it can also attract potential buyers. A recent study found that potential buyers would be more inclined to purchase a home with a blue door. Overall, they found that people would pay up to $1,537 more for it.

New Lighting

Adding some stylish lighting is one of the easiest ways to clean up your home’s front image. 

For big front gardens, you can add floodlights to showcase the rest of the features you want everyone to see. This option is particularly favorable if you’ve done some vast landscaping work on your property.

Spotlights are better for smaller front gardens. They can draw people’s attention to a specific outdoor space feature, such as decking or a statue.

Build a Porch

Photo credit: Robin Jonathan Deutsch

Sure, building a porch is a big job, but the welcoming feeling it will give your guests is totally worth it. A new porch is especially useful if you’re looking to add value to your home. They’re practical and striking, and add an extra layer of homey ambiance to your front garden.

Here are some types of porches you can consider adding:

  • Open porches: Elevated porches on a deck are protected by a roof without barriers.
  • Lanai porches: Typical Hawaii roofed-styled porches with an open-sided veranda.
  • Porticos: Small porches that cover a home’s front steps and are supported with little columns.

Add a Pathway

A pathway is the number one way to add some structure to your front garden. Depending on your preference, you can lay out a trail using landscaping or hardscaping methods.

Some of the most popular types of pathways for front gardens include:

  • Slicing paths: Split in certain places that separate areas but have a clear route.
  • Tracing paths: Shaped around landscape work with twists and turns. They’ll bring the area to life.
  • Implied paths: Have a clear direction for the user with no specific material to show the trail.

Refresh the Appearance of Your Front Yard!

Refreshing the appearance of your front yard is bound to give visitors a welcoming feeling. The frontal area is the first part of your humble abode they’ll see, and when it’s pristine, it’s sure to leave a lasting first impression with them they’ll never be able to forget.


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