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Garden Features that Will Impress Guests

Your garden should be your perfect paradise. Your place in the world where you are free to relax and unwind. Where you can chill out after a long day at work, relaxing with a glass of wine. In your garden, you can enjoy a meal in peace, or read a book in the sunshine. It’s your outdoor space.

But, sometimes, you want to impress other people. You want to invite guests into your garden and take their breath away with its features. You want them to ask you who designed it, or where you got your furniture. A beautiful garden layout and well cared for lawn go a long way, but when it comes to impressing people, nothing beats a feature.

A Putting Green

If you are a keen golfer looking to get in some extra practice, nothing beats having a putting green in your back garden. When you can’t get out to Fiddler’s Creek golf, or you are preparing for a big game, being able to get out into your garden to practice is ideal. A putting green doesn’t have to be massive, and as well as looking fabulous, it will add an entertaining feature to your dinner parties and BBQs.

A Water Feature

A water feature is a brilliant addition to any garden, whether you want to impress guests or just enjoy it yourself. A large pond is fantastic if you’ve got the space, but if not, even a smaller feature like a fountain can change the appearance and atmosphere of your garden. Water is relaxing. It’s beautiful. It can make a space look bigger and encourage wildlife to visit your garden. It could even increase the value of your home.

A Feature Wall

Feature walls aren’t just for the inside of your home. They can add some life to your garden with color and sophistication. A feature wall or fence can add some fun to your outdoor space. Paint the fence opposite your house a bright color, or add a fun mural. You could even get some outdoor art, or add a screen to break up the space.

An Outdoor Dining Area

Most gardens that are big enough to have some kind of seating. They have a table and chairs to eat at. But, it’s not always exciting, and certainly not what you’d call a dining area. A proper outdoor dining area or even an outdoor kitchen gives you a great place to relax with your guests, to create a proper meal, instead of just basic BBQ foods, and to enjoy late into the evening.

Fun Planters

Fun planters are a fantastic way to turn your everyday plants into something special. You can turn near enough anything into a planter. You just need to be creative and willing to take risks.

Comfortable Seating

What about an outdoor sofa instead of, or as well as your dining furniture? Somewhere that you can really kick back and relax. You could also add some outdoor textiles like a rug for your decking, throws, and cushions for your sofa.

A Playhouse

If you’ve got kids, a large custom made playhouse looks so much better than a cheap plastic option that everyone can buy from a local toy store. If you haven’t got kids, how about an adult playhouse. A summer house, or a man cave for you to enjoy.


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