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Golden Beach Real Estate Glistens with Prestige

Golden Beach real estate is simply the creme de la creme of trophy assets.  With over one mile of beachfront exposure, residents can enjoy the ultimate feeling of walking out the backdoor of their mansions and feeling the sand beneath their feet. Its prestige is supreme amongst the many highly prestigious communities of Miami.  Star Island, Fisher Island and the Venetian Islands are all quite impressive, but they are not located on the sand.

It’s no wonder that Hollywood celebrities like Paul Newman, Ricky Martin, and business magnet Bill Gates have been Golden Beach real estate owners in the past. Recently, baseball slugger Sammy Sossa bought his own mansion and became a part of this tightly-knit community.  I had my first experience with Golden Beach back in my days as a fashion model.  I was up for a controversial Abercrombie and Fitch advertising campaign, and it just so happened the legendary fashion photographer, Bruce Webber, owned one of the best pieces of Golden Beach real estate.  His decadent mansion was sitting on the sand; it was an absolutely stunning home. Driving through into Golden Beach was like entering into another world of bliss and tranquility. (I never did get to book that particular campaign, guess that I wasn’t controversial enough – lol).

Highly Exclusive Golden Beach Real Estate

The Golden Beach real estate community is highly exclusive, comprising only 193 acres in total. The town has a dedicated police force that not only keeps speeding vehicles in check, but also provides security and vigilance to town dwellers.  In 1981, all but one of the roads into the town were closed as a means of preventing “criminals, curious tourists from nearby hotels, joggers and Haitian refugees” from entering Golden Beach.  How’s that for a bold statement? (not exactly politically correct for the year 2014).  The police force has a strong reputation for having their radar guns manned at oncoming traffic virtually round-the-clock – providing peace of mind to the extremely wealthy Golden Beach real estate owners within the neighborhood.

Magnificent Private Beaches and Parks

This quiet residential town lives almost as if in a time warp, with Spanish Mediterranean and Grecian style villas bordering the Intracoastal. The private beach in the town has a historic pavilion, three lavish parks, and acres upon acres of unspoiled beauty. It is the sense of community and the wish to preserve the town’s natural splendor that is the defining character of this idyllic beach town. The town charter forbids any high-rise construction and commercial establishments within the town premises. You cannot miss the glorious sunset!

Convenient Location

Despite its intentional seclusion, Golden Beach is not far from the fun Miami life. Easily approachable from the airport – it takes only eighteen minutes to drive down – and via the State Road A1A, Golden Beach is conveniently located in the northernmost portion of the Miami-Dade county line. Sunny Isles and Hallandale Beach municipalities are the nearest neighborhoods, and the shopping mecca of Bal Harbor is within reach. Fine dining, cultural venues, world-class shopping centers, and all the perks of city life are never too far away, and yet you can always come back to the peace and tranquility of your Golden Beach mansion and rest in peace. It is the perfect mix of modernity and traditionalism that makes this community truly one-of-a-kind.


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