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Hacks to make your living room feel bigger!

It is a great wonder for many people to think about big spaces like big grounds, long balconies, and big rooms. At home, sometimes, no matter how much space you have, you somehow still feel that it could be more significant. A bigger space will help you feel more comfortable moving around, giving a more spacious and luxurious feeling.

Not everybody can afford to live in a house that has a big living room. If having a bigger living room is something that you always wanted, then your chance is here! Find out the smartest hacks that will make your living room feel bigger and better!

Get a bigger living space without any extra work!

Painting the walls

Painting is very effective in bringing out a three-dimensional effect on the walls. Consider painting with an HVLP sprayer as it enables people to choose any kind of design for their walls.

While painting the living room, the use of these sprayers will help you bring a new life. A smoother finishing on the walls of your living room will help in making it look brighter. A rich look with some warm undertones will enable a soothing effect on your mind, leading to the feeling of a bigger space!

Pastel Coloured Fabrics

Another smart way of making your living room look bigger is to decorate the room with light-colored fabrics in pastel shades. From curtains to furniture covers, using simple light fabrics allows your room to look light as well. This helps in making you feel as if your room is more prominent!

Adding accessories

Adding a few mirrors in your room would be a nice hack to make your room feel bigger and more fun! Try not to include lamps in the living room to get more space to walk around.

Cleaner windows

Living rooms usually have a lot of windows. Make sure to keep the glasses of the windows clean to create the illusion of bigger living space!

Color combinations

Make use of colors that are monochromatic instead of using a variety of colors. Too many colors take up a lot of visual space, resulting in your living room looking like a cluster. Monochromes ease your mind. They help in bringing in more space that makes your room look unusually more significant.

Easy-on-the-eyes lights:

The pattern of lighting you use in your living room plays a significant role. Every living space should have the perfect lighting that makes it look bigger and spacious. Bright lighting helps in distributing lights across the room, making it feel bigger.

Similar Patterns:

Try to reduce opposing patterns in the same space. Similar patterns that go along with each other bring about a comfortable and warm space. These combinations help you to feel that your room is bigger and better than before

Multifunctional Furniture:

Try to make use of furniture in more than one way. Multifunctional furniture is on-trend these days. This way, you don’t have to buy more furniture for different purposes. It is a great hack to save space and make your room look bigger!

Space is a factor that plays a major role in your decision to buy or rent a house. Whether you have a large or small family, a luxurious living room space gives you mental peace.


With the help of these quick tricks and tips, you can now make your living room feel and look bigger and larger! What are you waiting for? Feel like a king or queen and transform the way your rooms look today!


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