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How to help your community go wireless in 2020

If you own or manage a multi-family dwelling such as townhomes or apartments, you probably treat internet access like electricity, water or any other utility. To renters living in the units, however, internet service is their lifeblood. The wireless connection allows users to watch movies, work from home, play games, listen to music and shop on the internet. While electricity and water are integral to modern life, loss of Internet service is a true pain point.

Better Wireless Capability for Dorm, Apartments and Senior Living Facilities

You can provide luxury housing to students, military families, seniors or professional residents. However, if the connectivity doesn’t meet their needs, your tenants are unlikely to renew their leases. Along with being their landlord comes the responsibility of maintaining a safe, secure environment and network service that’s up to par with modern standards. In reality, this translates into hundreds or thousands of smart devices competing for bandwidth. Is your wireless network up to the challenge of supporting major gaming services and high-bandwidth videos all day every day?

The following sections break out how to provide better wireless functionality for smart devices and appliances to outperform the guy down the street.

Provide Unlimited Wireless Access for Free

Unlimited network access rolled into the rent is a great selling point for residents. It’s a big factor when people are trying to figure out whether to stay where they are or move to another apartment with better amenities, such as more reliable connectivity. But it only works out if your Wi-Fi is secure and reliable.

Starry can deliver high-performance wireless connectivity across thousands of users. This is true even in mixed spaces that include indoor-outdoor areas. When you need a reliable signal that permeates concrete and brick buildings, meets high demand and delivers there-when-they-need-it connectivity, Starry technology is the way to go.

Adopt Technology that Delivers Performance through Surge Periods

Every day, nearly every person in every unit connects multiple devices to the community’s wireless network. In return for paying their rent on time, residents expect to stream on their laptops, enjoy system systems and use smart appliances. Working with the right provider helps you exceed that expectation.

Starry wireless solutions enable great performance during surge periods with a high demand for simultaneous usage. You need a system with powerful access points and technology that adapts for interference from other wireless users and devices.

Onboard Devices Securely

Residents expect to connect their devices quickly and painlessly without constantly providing credentials. At the same time, they want a secure connection that protects their sensitive data. Both these requirements can be met with the right network setting in your complex or building.

Starry‘s certificate-based connectivity allows simple and seamless Wi-Fi access—for the property management team and everyone in the building. With the right tools in place, residents won’t dread the onboarding process because they can pick up and use their devices immediately without worrying about leaky signals that hackers can use to invade their privacy.  Move to a brand that protects endpoint connections with wireless encryption.

Price and Speed Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Predictably, price and speed are renters’ top priorities when it comes to internet service. Replacing an out-of-date network that makes it nearly impossible to work, even with a hotspot, with a high-quality, affordable internet option such as Starry takes you from zero to hero in the eyes of your tenants.

When you set up Starry in your building, you will see the return on your investment in renewal contracts and higher occupancy as prospective tenants choose your ready-to-go wireless community over your competitors.


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