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Here’s How To Stage Your Home According To Interior Designers

Do you remember how you felt when you first stepped foot in your home? What caught your eye, and what drew you in and got you hooked besides price? These memories should serve as key factors when staging your home for a potential resell.

Especially since in the past year, 40% of real estate agents surveyed said that home staging had a significant effect on their clients and that 83% of buyers’ agents said that styling a home made it easier for their clients to see themselves in the property.

In fact, you never know, if you effectively stage your home, you may even create a bidding frenzy and exceed the suggested listing appraisal. When you take the time to properly stage your home, you’re not only helping buyers better visualize themselves in the space, but you’re also helping yourself in the process.

If you’re questioning the need to stage your home, think about it from a buyer’s perspective, and even your own when you bought your home. Letting them see what’s possible will only help them see themselves making a home out of your property. That said, here are several must-dos according to the interior designers at firm Décor Aid.

Staging a home shouldn’t be trying or complicated, but it is all about crucial common sense decisions to make the best of the experience. Before beginning, to be as efficient and effective as possible, you’ll need to:

  1. Do a thorough deep clean to really make your home sing to them.
  2. Research your neighborhood and the real estate market around it. What kind of people have been moving in around you? Think about their age and lifestyle to help you better understand what kind of home staging could inspire them.
  3. Get a proper, professional home inspection to ensure that everything is sound and that you have your bases covered.
  4. Start to detach yourself from your home by thinking of yourself simply as a seller – not a homeowner.


Since it only takes a few seconds to make a lasting first impression, your entryway can make a huge difference in selling your home before they even do a complete walkthrough.

Front door- Let them in with a refreshed and refinished front door that’ll help your home evoke that it’s up to date before they even walk in. And a new welcome mat won’t hurt or break the bank either.

Area rug- Bring your entryway to life with a bold and bright rug that’s full of personality.

Mirrors- An affordable update that’ll up the sophistication factor in any room, mirrors are great for helping an entryway feel brighter and larger since they mimic the feel of a window while reflecting light.

A handy console table- Let them better understand the scale of your entryway with a smart console table that’ll keep the look tidy as well.

Catchall trays- Keep your entryway tidy by storing everyday objects like keys, cards, and mail in a stylish holdall for easy reach.

Lighting- Who likes stepping into a too-dark or too-bright home? Instead, greet them with warm and inviting lighting that’ll have them intrigued the second they walk in.


Potential homeowners are going to scrutinize your bathroom, so make sure yours is on par before they tour your home.

Use towels to your advantage- You may not realize it, but towels are a great decorative tool. Use brightly colored and patterned fresh towels to refresh your bathroom in style.

Welcome in plants- Not only will plants add needed color and texture in this small space, but they’ll also help to purify the air in the room without having to spend a fortune.

Refresh and showcase toiletries- Every bathroom has them, but the way you style your everyday goods can make a huge difference, so great packaging should come to the forefront and be highlighted.


You may not realize it, but closets count. In fact, since the rise of fast-fashion, people have more clothes than ever, and a smartly organized closet will be sure to inspire them.

Decorate it with clothing- Keep the look minimal but consistent by spacing hangers evenly and sorting everything by color for an easy on the eye feel.

Go for a lived-in feel- The key here is to avoid the cold and austere feel of a retail environment by going for an authentic feel, almost as though no staging took place at all.

Living + Dining Room:

The most commonly used rooms for residents and guests alike, your living and dining room setups are about as important as the functionality of a kitchen, so decorate wisely with these cues.

Create an accent wall- While a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in any room, an accent wall can help to add depth to a common area while lending it needed personality and a distinctive focal point. And since it’s a small sliver of a wall, go wild with intoxicating colors or a memorable print.

Add mirrors- Again, mirrors can instantly make a room feel brighter, larger, and grander. And since they are easy to affordably source, there’s no excuse to not add a few throughout your home.

Curate displays and collectibles- Show off what you’ve been collecting over the years in a tidy and minimal manner to lend your common areas needed personality to avoid a cold and clinical feel.

Install Higher Window Treatments- By hanging your curtains as high as possible, you’ll lend a room a serious sense of sophistication while making it appear larger and tricking the eye into thinking its ceilings are higher than they really are.

Forget About Dark Colors- Sure, they help set an intimate mood, but potential home buyers are all about stepping into a bright and airy space. So cheer up that dark setting with bright accents like fresh throws, pillows, and rugs all boasting lively print and color.

In the end, reapproach your home as if it was the first time all over again and think about what seduced you in the first place to recreate that magic spell.


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