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Should You Hire Professional Cleaners Before Selling Your Own House?

Only 10% of homeowners keep their house as clean as it needs to be when they’re showing it off to potential buyers.

That number might make you question your own cleaning abilities. It can also make you wonder if you should call it quits on your cleaning and hire professional cleaners instead.

Worried cleaning services might not be worth the money?

Keep reading to learn the importance of professional cleaning when selling your own house.

The Importance of a Clean Home When You’re Getting Ready to Sell

When potential buyers look at your house, they want to imagine what they’re lives would look like if they lived there. In other words, your home has to be a clean slate so buyers can add to it with their imaginations.

A clean home makes that process easier for buyers. And it can, therefore, also make them more interested in your home.

And remember, the cleaner the better.

Dust on top of the furniture or doorframes might not bother you, but it could turn a potential buyer away. This means you might have to get your house professionally cleaned more than once in the selling process.

Before Your House Is on the Market

An inspection will show you what you need to fix and repair in your home before it’s ready for the market. You might think you need to replace something, but after a thorough cleaning, it could turn out it was just dirty.

Cleaning your home before an inspection will give you a better idea of what needs to get done. It will also make the inspection process easier for your inspector.

Before an Open House

This is possibly the most important time to clean your home. This is when you want to impress buyers, and as we mentioned above, a dirty home—even if it’s just a bit of dust—can turn people away.

After You Move Out

Once you move all your belonging from the home, you might notice new spots you missed before. You might have to go through your house one more time to clean any remaining dust and grime before you go for good.

Can’t I Just Clean My Own Home?

Yes… and no.

You can clean your house by yourself, but getting it done in time for important deadlines—like an open house—can be much more difficult.

On top of that, there’s a good chance you don’t have the same tools professional cleaners will bring with them when they work on your house. You might be able to vacuum the carpet, but you might not be able to wash it.

Professional cleaners can also often provide high-quality cleaning. Even if you’re an excellent cleaner yourself, you might not be able to give everything the attention it deserves while juggling the job of selling your home.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaners When Selling Your Own House

The professional cleaners with Greener Southwest Carpet, Tile, & Upholstery Care make your job easier, but they offer a lot more than just convenience. Here’s a quick look at the main reasons you should hire professional cleaners to help get your home ready for the market.

Saves You Time

There are a lot of steps involved in the house selling process. Trying to clean your house top to bottom will make your job more complicated, and it can also take your attention away from more pressing issues.

Either that, or you’ll have to push off cleaning while you handle other matters. This might mean your house doesn’t get cleaned at all.

Professional cleaners take care of all the tidying up for your so you can handle the more pressing issues.

It’s Flexible

You can schedule professional cleaners to arrive at your house around your schedule. That means you don’t have to rearrange your day and push back important tasks to get your house clean.

And scheduling appointments is a quick, simple process. It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes.

You can also set up routine cleaning visits. This will ensure your house stays ready for showings without you having to continuously call and schedule more appointments.

Saves You Money

If your home isn’t clean, buyers may make lower offers than they would if the home was spotless. So even a small amount of dust or dirt may cost you big bucks in the long run.

You might also have to buy a handful of new cleaning products and tools if you decide to clean it yourself. This can add up to a lot of money.

Hiring professional cleaners can be much more affordable when you add it all up.

Ensure Everything Gets Done on Time

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, cleaning might be the last thing on your mind. You might not remember all the cleaning chores that need to get done until the night before your open house.

This can leave you in a frazzle and leave your house in worse condition than it could be.

Working with professional cleaners can give you peace of mind because you’ll know everything will get done on time. This can help you manage your stress levels as you prepare for the transition of moving.

Should You Hire Professional Cleaners Before Selling Your Home?

The short answer is this: yes!

Hiring professional cleaners before selling your own house can put you at ease, make your job easier, and attracted interested buyers. It might even give you a higher sale price at closing.

Don’t have time to stick around while you’re home’s sitting on the market?

Make sure you click here to learn how to sell your home fast.


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