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The Holiday Rental Market: What You Need To Consider

Buying a property to rent out as a holiday let or vacation property is actually a hot topic in terms of good investment options at the moment. It gives you a few stems of investment and earning potential to take advantage of. You of could really make the most of it as well, personally, as a holiday location for you and the family. Benefiting from the long term investment as a value and the short term income from a rental. It all sounds like a win win scenario. However, how do you make sure you make the right decision? I thought I would share with you the things to consider when it comes to the holiday rental market and choosing the right place.

Location, location, location

When you get the idea of a holiday rental in your head, you then need to decide exactly what location would suit best. The location for a holiday rental will be slightly differed to that if you were buying a place to live in. You need to think about public transport links, being close to local amenities and attractions such as the coastline or local towns and villages. This is when websites like 30a realty can really come into their own. Locals websites for different areas hold a lot of knowledge, which could help you to make the overall decision on the are.

What’s the budget?

You also need to take the time to consider your budget and what that might be. Holiday rentals tend to be second properties, and so you need to understand exactly how much you could afford in terms of any mortgage payment and also utilities to keep the place up and running. Income from rentals should more than cover the costs and also give you some profit on the investment. So knowing the budget is key to working out the rest of the costs involved and ensuring there is an affordability factor to it.

Plenty of research

Research is important for a number of reasons, but the main reason you do it is to ensure that you protect your investment. You need to do research into the area, the type of property you are interested in buying, the factors surrounding it and potential income you can make. Most of the answers can be found online or spending some time in your chosen location talking to the locals.

Try before you buy

Finally, if you are planning getting a rental property, a great tip would be to try before you buy. Essentially this may not be in the place you plan on purchasing, but staying in a rental in the area will give you a taste of what it will be like for your potential clients and customers. Therefore giving you the opportunity to experience the place as of your potential clients and customers would do so.

I hope that this will give you the opportunity to consider such an investment. It can definitely be a worthwhile and profitable thing to do.


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