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Could Your Home’s Highlights Reel Help You To Sell?

Selling a home is an intricate business. After all, most people have (rightly) pretty high standards when they decide to buy. Hence why sprucing up your property before listing it is so vital. But, if you want to secure a quick deal, you’ll need to go even further.

In reality, sales are all about painting a property in the best light. In most cases, that means focusing on a highlight reel, if you will, of critical features. With that in mind, you may be best off focusing on small picture appeal rather than taking on your entire house.

The question is, what exactly should feature on said highlight reel? Honestly, your estate agent can give you more information on this. For now, though, let’s consider three areas of focus that could see you selling in no time.

A room with a view

Houses with a view like this beautiful waterfront home never stay on the market for long. Why? Because no home browser can resist, hence why views can boost value by anywhere between 15-80%. As such, your highlights reel could always benefit from beginning here. Luckily, views largely talk for themselves. Still, you can draw attention here using smart lighting, new curtains, or simple furniture rearrangement. Ultimately, your aim should be to ensure that potential buyers are drawn directly to your waterfront or countryside setting. Get this right, and you may even find that outdated decor or similar doesn’t get a look in.

Making the most of your master rooms

Every house has its box rooms or spaces for junk. While these will, obviously, feature in your ultimate sale, it’s essential they aren’t the main focus. After all, these areas hardly scream ‘stylish.’ Instead, you should go above and beyond to highlight master rooms that genuinely appeal. Vital features such as your master bedroom or your living room will almost always go down best. You can draw attention to these in a few ways, including smart styling or even a few new furniture pieces to add a touch of class. Either way, this will ensure these rooms are the sparkling jewels, while less flattering areas are more easily forgotten.

Don’t forget modern additions

It’s also well worth going above and beyond to highlight any recent additions to your property. Something like a kitchen renovation is guaranteed to go down well for homeowners who want a property that’s ready to go. Making a note of recent works in any listings is, of course, one way to focus attention here. You may also want to draw the eye during viewings by highlighting modern features, cleaning the space, etc. This, alongside the opportunity for further development, could well seal that deal at last.

Of course, your home’s highlight reel doesn’t stop here. You may also want to consider things like curb appeal, layout, and more. But, getting started with these three features at least gives you the best chance of painting a picture of a property that people can easily picture themselves enjoying.


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