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Know The Associated Fees Before Buying A Condo

Among retailers and investors, condominiums or condos have gained popularity. Many condos have a maintenance-free living, multiple facilities, and a great location. Many families have bought condos as their second home to spend vacations. When you buy a condo, then you have to buy the title of the individual unit. Typical areas of condo communities together divide the wall; the stairwells, outer walls, pools, etc. are shared with the community that has ownership.

When you buy a condominium, you have to finance the fees associated with any type of real estate purchase. You have to pay the down payment and closing cost of the loan, as well as other taxes and other fees that will need to be paid on a monthly or yearly basis to your condo association.

What Is a Condo Fee?

A condo or condominium is mainly a sellable property or premises, which is similar to an apartment or building. Homebuyers can choose a condo over getting a single family property for many reasons. A condo can allow you to enter the housing market at a low cost or it can be an opportunity for seniors as it is a low maintenance downsizing option.

Every condo owner covers extra maintenance costs and other expenses related to the property, such as water, heat, sewer, and garbage collection payments. These payments are paid monthly, and everything is decided by the board of directors created for condo owners.

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What are Condo Association Fees?

The Condo fees are known as shared fees, which are a must for every owner to pay. Usually, they have to pay for maintenance and repair of the usual areas. However, these fees can be different in every condo development. That is the reason why you must know the prices before making an offer on a unit. Many developers require high association fees.

All of the condominium associations have their schedules, depending on a wide variety of factors. These factors include calculations about all units, how many of them are occupied, and average operating expenses as building maintenance or repair.

Besides, the condo association needs you to have some specific requirements to be considered. The fees will vary by the areas in a country; it can cost you a few hundred dollars per month. But if the place is highly in demand, then the price will be even higher. It is normal to see your fees as 50% of all your mortgage costs. But beware that those fees can be wasted if you spend them on unnecessary improvements, and it will not add any value to your property.

How Do Condo Fees Work?

The condo or homeowner association (HOA) is a corporation that votes to determine the rules and regulations, and it also enforces them for the members who live in the community. This community also holds meetings to prioritize works and projects. Those who buy a condo become a member of the community and pay a separate fee periodically as per the instructions by the HOA.

Each homeowner association (HOA) has a statement of contracts, conditions, and restrictions that set rules for owners about how the property should be maintained.

Every homeowner needs to pay condo fees. Apart from this, they have to pay property taxes, mortgage, and homeowners’ insurance. The agreed amount is set by the homeowners’ association to solve all the problems and do the upkeep of the community.

As said earlier, all of these fees are utilized for repairs, utilities, landscaping, snow removal, general maintenance expenses of places, such as parking lots and garages, elevators, gyms, lobbies, patios, etc.

The fees for a condo can range from $50 to $1k on a monthly basis. These fees depend on many factors, such as-

  • The property’s size
  • If the building is a high-rise
  • Quantity of buildings in a particular complex
  • The facilities, such as parks, playgrounds, concierges, etc.

Private Mortgage Insurance

When you buy a condo with a 20 percent down payment, you will need to pay insurance called private mortgage insurance. Even so, some companies need more down payments. But private mortgage insurance can be complicated for some condominium buyers. It happens because the worth of a condo is much variable, depending on the worthiness of the building and any comparable sales.

Many insurance companies deny insuring condo mortgages. Without PMI, a mortgage is not a great option. If there is any possibility, then it will be costly.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If a condo has more than two shared walls, then it is considered shared property. It is possible to have residents in the condo above or below you. You are not the homeowner of the public spaces surrounding your condo. The apartment is considered to be less secure than townhomes. The homeowner’s insurance will increase depending on the safety rating of your condo. And if you get claims in any part of your building, your rating will go up as an outcome.

Special Assessments

Your monthly mortgage payment comes with HOA dues, owners of condos, property taxes, and insurance; these are known as special assessments. These special assessments are additional dues that the HOA needs to cover all unplanned expenses. Besides, the special assessments do not envelop maintenance; instead, they surround the unexpected costs.

It is essential to go through the history of a special assessment of the condominium. Before you purchase, investigate the duration of the last evaluation as well as its amount. It is also mandatory to inquire about the protocol for applying special assessments. As with homeowner association dues, these special assessments are not compulsory, and they are not needed to be paid by each property owner.


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