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How Landscape Gardens Affect Your House Value

The real estate market is a cutthroat place where everyone is looking to save and make money on their purchases. People want to purchase homes for the lowest dollar possible and then flip the home to make a decent-sized profit.

There are some people, however, that are looking to purchase their forever home, a family home where memories can be made, and bonds can be formed. That is why you need a little something to jazz up your house and make it memorable to those who are in the market to buy.

You want to get your fair market value on your house and that is where landscaping comes into play.

While a house can be done to the nines on the inside, if the outside doesn’t draw people’s attention in a pleasant, understated way; they won’t even bother to look inside.

You want a front and backyard that invokes pleasant feelings and a place where a family can envision memories being made. You want a tidy yard with no overgrown sections, trimmed trees and shrubs; and a colorful, welcoming display of flowers.

So how exactly do landscaped gardens affect your house’s value? Let’s explore.

First Impressions

Your garden will be the first thing that potential buyers see when they come to look at your house. You want a garden that is welcoming but not overwhelming; a place where they can see themselves with their children and grandchildren.

A yard that is overgrown with weeds and random shrubs will not make a good first impression. If the patio stone walkway is cracked and the patio has rotted or damaged boards while the driveway is rutted; you won’t attract the right kind of potential buyer because they won’t want to have to sink more money into your asking price to fix it.

You can even go the extra step and paint the front door, add house numbers on the side and stain the patio a fresh color so that potential buyers see a homeowner with pride in their house and not someone that is looking to make a profit. All of these little fixes, such as the ones just listed and things such as raking the leaves from the trees, can make the difference between asking for a price on your house and actually get that price.

By having these things done, you are adding to your house’s value and attracting the right kind of potential buyers.

Mature Garden Vs New Garden

Having a mature garden looks better to potential homeowners than a brand-new garden because it shows that the soil is good for growing, that time and effort has been put into the home over the years and that the garden wasn’t just made to attract potential buyers.

Tips for Landscaping your Gardens

When it comes to landscaping your garden for the purpose of increasing your house’s value; it is important to remember a couple of key things:

  1. Don’t over decorate or use too big of a clash of color. You want clean, crisp and simple lines for your gardens. It should be done in a manner that enunciates the potential for the new homeowner and allow them to use their creativity to transform it.
  2. Choose landscaping that will require minimal maintenance. The most work that is required to maintain the current look – the less likely people are going to want your house. Choose projects that require basic maintenance; enough to get people out of the house and moving but not projects that will require big expenses and solid chunks of time out of their day to oversee.
  3. Instead of filling up your garden with every flower you can think of, plant a couple of beds around a bench or have a stone path leading to a fire pit with benches. This allows the focus to be on comfort rather than flashy style.


While a landscaped garden will not sell a house, it will definitely help put it in a person’s memories. It will allow people to envision themselves spending time in the gardens, relaxing, entertaining, socializing and even expanding them to grow a wider array of flowers and vegetables.

You don’t have to go all out and expensive to landscape your gardens but instead, some minor changes could be all that is required to transform your gardens from ordinary to show worthy.

The majority of the work can be done by the homeowners and shouldn’t require an expensive contractor unless you need to replace all the sod or transform the look of the garden in terms of land removal that requires heavy equipment.

Have a stock of yard maintenance tools on hand, such as a trowel, gardening gloves, pruning shears and even a pole chainsaw for trimming your trees safely. Never heard of a pole chainsaw? Then click on the link to read more.

Once your garden is completely landscaped; you, along with potential buyers for the house, will be amazed at the difference it can make.


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