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How to Make a Manly Space for Your Dad this Father’s Day

Let’s face it. Dads don’t get enough recognition as parents. But only because much of the expectations of caring for children falls on the mom. Many of us don’t realize just how important the role of a dad is. They are often the breadwinners, disciplinarians, and problem-solvers in the family. We don’t easily see these things at work on a daily basis but yes, dads do fill these roles and they have a great impact on children’s’ well-being.

The great news is that we have Father’s Day to celebrate our love for our dads. If you’ve been meaning to show yours some love, here’s a great idea: create a man cave for your dad! Don’t know where to start? These ideas will help.

Consider the Space

You want to think carefully about where his man cave will be situated. It should be spacious enough for him to do the things he enjoys doing by himself or with his friends. It can be a spare room or an area that is just dedicated to him.

Also, don’t forget the items you will be putting in this room. Let’s say he’s into electronics, ping pong, and whiskey, make sure there are designated areas in the room for him to fulfill these interests.

Find out his interests

Speaking of hobbies, you should know what activities he enjoys doing the most. That way, you can gather his existing items together and bring in new ones to add to the room. You don’t have to go crazy expensive and buy him the newest gadgets and gizmos out there. If he likes watching baseball every weekend, add furniture that is his style but is also ultra-comfy. A simple addition like this will really make him feel at home in his man cave.

Make it personal

Adding personal touches to your dad’s man cave will really make the room extra special for him. Does he have a personal collection of jerseys put away in the closet? Display them artfully in this room. He’ll enjoy hanging around here, even more, when he has a full view of his favorite personal items.

Think of lighting

The man cave should typically have a different feel from the rest of the house. It’ll be like his little escape, so make sure to set the mood right. You can easily do this with the right lighting. Instead of using the typical fluorescent light bulbs like the ones inside your house, consider using soft, dimmer lights. This instantly creates a relaxing mood and will make it easy for him to switch to activities like reading, watching games, screening movies, or playing poker with his friends.

Paint the walls

Another easy way to instantly transform a space into your dad’s man cave is by painting the walls. You can go big and bold on this one. Your dad’s favorite color isn’t always going to work. Think in moods and themes. What kind of feeling do you want to evoke? Sporty? Bachelor-like? Intellectual? Decide on a theme you think he’d really enjoy and opt for a wall color that best reflects that.

Consult a pro or get inspired

Some rooms can be really hard to work with, especially if it’s the basement. Don’t be afraid to approach a professional and ask for their help. Interior decorators will give you some ideas that are easy to do and execute yourself. They’re also able to spot opportunities for decorating a space that you yourself would have never thought of. You can also get plenty of inspiration from Pinterest. Just search for a man cave and you’ll be shown millions of ways to decorate a room without spending much.


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