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Make Working From Home Work For You

In today’s world, the concept of working from home has become more prevalent than ever. Even post-covid where businesses can safely have employees back in the office, many have chosen to adopt the ‘work from home culture’ as it offers so many benefits. Employees tend to report being happier as their work-life balance is improved. They take fewer sick days, save money on commuting and so much more. So many of us have found ourselves in a position where we need to set up an office at home so we can stay productive and get all of our work tasks done. Here are some things to consider to set this up. 

Location, Location, Location

First things first, where will your office be located? If you have a spare bedroom then that’s an easy choice. Otherwise, a summerhouse, outhouse or conservatory might be able to be converted with a small amount of investment. You need somewhere that’s comfortable, relatively quiet and separate from the rest of your home so that you can close the door at the end of each workday to maintain that work/life balance. Writing up reports from your kitchen table or answering emails in bed can blur those boundaries. 

Implementing Technology 

Integrating technology into your home office setup is crucial for maximizing productivity. To maximize efficiency and organization, think about getting an all-in-one computer. Ensure a reliable internet connection for seamless communication and access to cloud-based tools. Utilize platforms like Slack or Zoom for collaboration, and consider ergonomic accessories for comfort. Dual monitors and noise-canceling headphones can enhance efficiency, while smart home automation adds convenience. Implement cybersecurity measures to safeguard your workspace. You can create a productive and secure remote work environment by leveraging these tech solutions.

Make it Comfy

Your office should be comfortable yet professional looking. Take a look at different types of office space for inspiration, most businesses go with neutral colors with things like nice signage, plants, and good quality furniture. So aim to do the same as this. Purchase a good quality office chair and desk, and add a few homey decorative touches without it being cluttered or distracting. Aim to make the most of the natural light since this is good for productivity and your mental health. Good storage will help you to keep the office free of clutter and mess and means you can find the things you need easily.

Consider the Layout

Ideally, you will customize the layout of your home office to suit your work style and needs. For example, if you need a large working area to put together things like ideas boards then a large central desk is probably best. If you do most of your work on screens then a desk placed where the light from the window won’t be going in your eyes is something to think about. Experiment with different configurations of furniture and equipment to find the most efficient and comfortable arrangement for your workflow. Remember to consider factors such as natural light, ease of movement, and accessibility to create an optimal layout. Since many of us have our home office in a small bedroom, you will likely be limited with space. But use a 3d room planner tool and you can figure out what will work best before buying furniture. 


How have you created a productive office space at home?


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